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  1. [align=center] [/align] Hello everyone, Jonah Goode recently came to town in Ul'dah and made a quiet name for himself as a fortune teller. This happening is quite recent, and thus should be a small rumor but one of interest enough to bring attention to the young Astrologian. He seems to be charging a variety of amounts for different requests; the more specific the question, the higher he charges, but he is also doing pro bono work for those with simple and rather easy requests to answer. Aside from being a small talk of the town, Jonah is actively looking for connections with other members of the community. He is the scholarly sort but is devout in his belief of the fates, the gods, and his cards. He believes he is but a channel fate speaks through - he plays the cards that deliver the message, it being up to the receiver of whether or not they believe in what the cards say.
  2. Heya, I'm out looking for some connections for Jonah, too! Pretty often he's going to various events since he's a little socialite and likes to keep himself busy. Not only that, but various books, old tomes, and other events tend to keep him moving about as well. Either of those could be a point of agreement for the both of them, leading to something here or there. He's an Astrologian, so wondering about the stars, magicks, and other oddities is his forte. I'm in CST - usually on after 5p CST during the weekdays. I'm on during the weekend as well but I can't say when for sure because it depends on if I work or not.
  3. Welcome to Balmung! I'm glad I'm not the only one coming back to the game after a hiatus that basically left them ignorant to all that has changed. You'll find FFXIV's roleplaying scene is pretty diverse and fairly active. I believe the Adventurer's Guild in Ul'dah is the most active for simple walk-up RP, but you never know what you'll find. If you're looking for an dungeon crawling friend, or just someone to randomly chat with, let me know! You can add me in-game; my character name is Tywin Chamberlain. Again, welcome back and I hope you enjoy the Dark Knight class - I haven't tried it myself. The FC and LS lists here are great for finding roleplay groups that match up with your ideals as a player and the ideals of your character. There're also some Free Companies in game that don't have an article hear that can be very good as well!
  4. Hello everyone! I present to you, Lyn Webber, a White Mage in the making. Lyn is a kind soul and a borderline pacifist, only looking to fight when absolutely needed. Like many of his kind, he'd rather solve disputes with words rather than spells or steel. Due to his anti-violence like-nature and raising, he chose the path of a healer, spending his days shadowing his mother, the primary physician in their village in Gridania. Though push came to shove as the Calamity struck, his mother and he took refuge in New Gridinia and waited out the hard times. She took over as his tutor, teaching him in the ways of kindness and hope before allowing him to join the Conjurer's Guild as an initiate. I plan on playing Lyn as a lost soul, like many in Eorzea post-Calamity. He's looking for a place to call his own and a group of like-souls that'll call him friend and vice versa. Hopefully, that awaits him in the world but no one knows where his path'll take him! I look forward to RPing with the lot of you and be on the look out for Lyn as he'll be travelling to an Adventurer's Guild near you!
  5. Same, I /told a random Ophelia and they weren't you either.
  6. Oh, I'll RP with you! I have a freeman (man under no particular employment) that'll gladly seek out a woman's company! His name is Tywin Chamberlain and I frequent on his a lot as of late. You can also add me on Skype at: andre_rimmer, if you so choose. I'll keep a look at for you and send you a friend request in game or a /tell.
  7. Well, since I've been kicked out of the game for the moment I wanted to show you the little Lalafell I've been leveling. He is quite possibly my new main though that doesn't mean I'm scrapping Penny! Say hello to Jojo! How's that for some Lala-candy! His full name is Jojowefu Babawefu. Thanks to Zyrusticae for the awesome, awesome FX!
  8. Pretty much what happened to me, only my net likes to die at around 530pm everyday. Thus, I've been out since I'm just so sad that these things are happening. Launch is tomorrow and there isn't a queue system or afk timer that should be in place so none of this happens. Like a lot of people have been saying SE came BACK into this MMO industry without proper preparation. Granted most launches are sloppy and messed up anyway this is just frustrating and I guess that's why I'm typing this. I'm just frustrated when I'm usually a patient person. I can only imagine what launch will be like without free transfers, a queue system, afk timers, or just bigger, better servers for NA and EU. :cry:
  9. So, I'm extremely sad right now. I was playing all day and then my wireless router pooped out on me for a second and DC'd me. Once that happen I got back in but the DC had left my Skype unusable. So, I made the conscious decision to restart my computer in the middle of primetime thinking that my spam technique would work again. Sadly, it didn't now I'm stuck off for the rest of the day it looks like. Ah.. well.
  10. That is amazing. I'm making that my avatar right now!
  11. Lalafell punting My sides! Ow, ow, ow! I just fell out my chair laughing at the image of a Roe punting Lalafells and Miqo'te as the goalkeeper. Sounds like the perfect thing to draw! Please tell me you'll be here all week! On a side note: Penny would be reading in her inn room or practicing her magic. She's boring when she's alone.
  12. Lalafell punting My sides! Ow, ow, ow! I just fell out my chair laughing at the image of a Roe punting Lalafells and Miqo'te as the goalkeeper.
  13. "Am I failing a quicktime event!?"
  14. Welcome back and most aren't getting in anyway. So that is nothing to worry about or anything new. Some are going to Valefor in the JP servers just to get some play time in. It is sparsely populated compared to our servers and there are a lot fo NA/EU refugees over there.
  15. I think that is quite possibly the worst way to come at the people on this thread. People have been here for a variety of reasons and I haven't seen one as problematic as you. Sure, there are some things that are over the top and people can seem a bit too mad at times but this is in no way a good thing to say to already irate people. These people have worked to save up for this game, payed their preorder, played through the beta phases and open beta and then played for the first day of Early Access when we thought these problems would be fix. And I feel that most of their frustration is correctly placed in the right areas though, some aren't. But for you to come in here after so much fuming as been done and people have calmed down is only poking at a bee hive. You aren't contributing to the conversation at all you're only bashing these folks for being frustrated. Let them fume in peace instead of speaking something that gives nothing to any type of conversation here. We are dealing with it and it's great to have this thread so that people bounce ideas off one another about what to do next. The funny posts that have been added to help simmer down the irate mood is great and like I said you're just coming in here to cause trouble. I am also on Valefor but I stopped because I didn't want to have to redo to the same stuff over when and if the servers come back for NA and EU.
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