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Liira Svene LF RP LS/Group

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Basic Info:


Name: Liira Svene

Raid LS: Trinity Blood

RP LS: None


RP Style:


Amount: Medium-heavy

RP combat/injuries: Not needed.

IC Romance: I believe it's a must.

Non romantic RP: Needed. Helps to develop a character background.

Lore: depends on the situation and how it plays off in game.

Chat functions: Also depends on the sitution.


Contact info:


Country: USA

Timezone: EST

Contact info: 

          Skype: CrazyCorky85

          email: [email protected]

          steam: crazycorky

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Check Linkshell Hall for the Open RP Linkshell and a few other RP oriented linkshells that are good for meeting other RPers and connecting :) Depending on what of RP you're looking to get into there're FCs and their interests. C'kayah here is all about the crime, the Red Wings are for Immortal Flames, DOVE is a job placement company so we offer a lot of stuff...etc, etc, etc.

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