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Gears Behind the Bars :: The aftermath


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Gears Behind the Bars turned out to be a blast. Apologies to everyone who couldn't make it!


Let's go through a break-down of what happened!


The event started 20 minutes after the scheduled time of 3:00 after some brief confusion. (I swear, I have a bunny brain. I thought it was 12:00 EST even though I put together all the times myself...) We quickly dove right into the purpose of the event.


For those that didn't attend and are curious about what this was, well it's quite simple. It was a set up for the Secret Santa event Sanctus Refero is hosting in the coming days. Everyone was welcome to come to get each others character for that specific purpose. (More on that at in the bottom half of this post).


The first game we played was Mafia, which worked swimmingly. I, as the narrator, chose the Murderer, Nurse and Sheriff. No one knew each others identity and at night the murderer would knock out another victim. Arkine Vanrien got away with it! He killed the entire party! And boy... did we learn about each other in the process!


After we all sobbed over the deaths, we played âChoco Choco Moogle!â (a modified version of Duck Duck Goose). Duck Duck Goose is a childhood game of tag, essentially. It's been modified to include a race around a portion of Ul'dah. The winner gets to ask their Moogle a question about his/herself. Some interesting facts were revealed....




Now, here's the list that you've been waiting for! People who have qualified for the Secret Santa!



Kannadi Albedo

Hoshiko Hanolar

Syo Crystaline

Arkine Vanrien

Kneria Kothryn

Arysun Demir

Thalamus Richter

Alona Rhys

Nanami Takanaru

Sterne Evans

Chibino Boukensha

Pooka Pucel



(If I've forgotten your name and you were at the event, please PM me and I will correct my oversight)


Due to extraordinary circumstances a lot of people have expressed a desire to participate in the Secret Santa Event despite not attending. Unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible. There will be some deliberations done to determine the options we have to make it happen, however, it may not follow the same rules or be inclusive. An update will be made shortly.


If you're wondering why this event was so integral to Secret Santa, it's because of the nature of the game! No one will know who they are RECEIVING gifts from. But the gift giver will know who they are GIVING gifts to. The GIVER is to create a riddle for the RECEIVER. The riddle is to hint as to who the GIVER is. If the RECEIVER successfully guesses, they win an extra prize that will be a surprise. If they do not successfully guess, the GIVER wins the extra prize.


So you can see why knowing each other is so important.


Everyone in the list above will receive instructions from me shortly. You are to create, craft, buy or summon from the aether your present for your target. Alona and I will be picking up your presents on the 18th and 19th of December for Delivery on the 24th (still up to change depending). Please be sure to have a creative riddle or hint for your target. The clue will be judged on originality and effectiveness, please do not be offended if we ask you to resubmit.


Merry Christmas!


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Yeah... I wish I had some screenies of some of the things that were revealed. But oh well, we were all pretty close by the end. I guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of silly people together.


I'm really happy for all the random people who stopped by and decided (were forced at knife point) to participate.

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:surprise: Oh hey, Sanctus Refero! I had a short stint with you all before I quit XIV, looked you up when Phase 3 lured me back in and noticed the website got nuked.


Still planning on coming back for ARR?


We definitely are! Though some things have shifted, even the name!


SR has become The Salts of Rhotano!


I've made a post on the linkshell threads here and here's the website (which is still being built)




It's nice to see you again! :) It'll be nice to catch up!

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