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Balmung's Story Circle!


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[align=center]Eorzea is the land of jolliness and happiness. [/align]


[align=center]Join your fellow folks for a tales and experiences that transcend the stars themselves! Join Jancis Milburga and Oscare Iono in sharing your stories or passing on the ideas you hold true to your heart.[/align]

[align=center]"My grand point in preaching is to break the hard heart, and to heal the broken one." -John Newton[/align]



Event begins at 4PM EST, at Middle La Noscea (x16, y17). People who need transport (characters that started in Gridania or Ul'dah) may contact me in advance to figure out who to get you here! The date is November 29th (Saturday). 



If the event goes well, we shall host the story circle the last Saturday of every month.



So far, the intended schedule is as follows; Jancis and myself will start with a short prelude -- followed by a Blessing of the Twelve by the both of them. After this, we will have six-to-eight (depending on how long the stories are taking! Don't let this phase you, make the story as long as you wish!) participants of any kind who would like to share a story. On a first come, first serve basis, participants will contact OSCARE on the forums. If time permits at the event itself, we will take more volunteers by in game tells directed to OSCARE IONO. Participants will be put into (WordPad) a queue for the hosts to refer to at the event! Stories can be about anything you like. Humorous, serious. Preaching an ideal -- or just sharing a story about a scar or your best friend! Anything goes! Afterwards, we'll have a short session of post-event RP where Oscare will be generous enough to cook and bring drinks for everyone there... or make his best attempts to.


Just one rule!


  • Be respectful when someone is sharing a story. Feel free to use /em and /s, but don't flood. 

Alright! I hope to see you all there! [/align]

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I know I am interested, and I have one other who wants to come if schedule permits.


Indeed, we were just talking about doing this very sort of thing, with possibly some revolving venues, and maybe more often if we have multiple hosts available?


I'll send a PM later, but consider Nathan Telluride to be on your list.

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The weekend should make for a nice light introduction.


I have a whimsical story all lined up to share!


Anyone who is under level 14 can only get to La Noscea via a FC house teleport to the Mist, otherwise the ferry system is locked until the air ships are done in the story quest.


If your character needs an IC interactive reason to come, shoot Oscare a PM and I'll happily help out with that.

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Thank you everyone that participated! I had a blast hearing the creativity of every single one of you. And a giant thank you to those who didn't story tell either, you guys were such a respectful audience. Seriously, you folks rock.


I'm glad to say that yes, I will be hosting this again next month! I felt like this went smoothly enough! I'll post some screenies in a couple for those who weren't able to attend.


Thank you all so, so much.

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I dunno! I'm thinking of changing up the location to something a little bit more player-friendly. Me and Jancis wanted a cool spot that preferably had no FATEs or aggro-enemies. Not toooooo much to work with, that spot was actually chosen by a Free Company friend of mine, and it was perfect for all the three conditions I listed.


Also, yes, we do. :D

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