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Evangeline stride boldly into the flame garrison, a large briefcase clutched in her fist, "Who is the officer of the watch?" She demands loudly in a deep voice. Several flames look irritated, but soon an officer appears, rubbing his eyes, "Can I help you... sir?"


She nods, squaring her feet, "My name is Rufus Ruferson, and I am here to advise my client, G'leo Nuhn."




Evangeline briefly adjusts her tilting fez before continuing, "Time is of the essence."


The officer blinks, "Your Client?" he shakes his head, "Sorry Sir, but we cannot allow visitors."


She pushes past him heading towards the jails, "Ul'dah law allows the accused to hire a public barrister for their defense, should they be able to afford one. G'leo had contacted me prior, and set funds aside for this emergency." She pauses and looks him in the eyes, "Is there a problem?"


He groans, before finally nodding, not wanting to get on the bad side of one of Ul'dah's infamous litigators. "Fine... Pvt Hash, take the gentleman to his cell."


A younger flame leaps to attention, and leads Evangeline though the corridors, finally approaching a steel and hardwood door. "You have 30 minutes." He says not unkindly, before unlocking the door and letting her inside. The door closes behind her, and she blinks for a moment, adjusting to the dim light. "Mr G'leo?"

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G'leo walks up to the iron bars from within his cell; giving a curious look to the stranger whom he doesn't immediately recognize. It takes a moment for Eva's scent to carry in this place, but he identifies her shortly. 


"Eva?! What are you doing here? And what are you wearing?"

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Evangeline clears her throat, hoping he will pick up on what is going on. "Evangeline? You must be mistaken. Surely you remember your Barrister, Rufus Ruferson?"


She steps forward, away from the grate, and spying ears, "I'm here to discuss the charges against you."


Lowering her voice, she admits, "I'm here in disguise... one of the refugees saw you being taken in."


She raises her voice once more, "Could you describe to me what the circumstances of your arrest were?"

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A lone guard standing at the far end of the hall watches the "lawyer" curiously; his suspicions aroused, but he's not in a position to ask questions for proper validation of the documents. 


Better to just send it up to Commander Crofte later; she'll want to know about this. 


G'leo gives a relieved chuckle, borderline on ecstatic, as Ev- Rufus Ruferson speaks to him. "I..." he lowers his own voice. "I don't know what's going on, or what you are doing...but I'm more than happy to see you. Are they ok, the refugees? Nothing has happened to them? Are you alright?"


G'leo looks back down the hall and, despite his complete and total lack of perception on the theatrics of "acting", goes along with the ploy. "Theft, murder, and treason. Those were the charges that were posted on the wanted papers, and those charges are in a manner true. I can't and won't deny that, but they were from my distant past and not against the people of Ul'dah."


He pauses, preparing himself to tell what he has kept secret.


"The short version of my story starts with my lineage. My true name is G'leo Nuhn, and I was once the rightful heir to my father's tribe, the G tribe of the Sangolli Plateaus. My father, G'anu Nuhn, was usurped by a manipulative visionary named G'ramau Tia, the current Nuhn of my tribe, but his title was won through trickery and deceit. He challenged my father to a duel for the right to lead my people, this happened while I was on a pilgrimage to earn the right to claim my father's place, and used dark magic, which was a forbidden practice among my people, to kill my father. When he became the Nuhn, G'ramau enforced that right to his claim by killing many of my people who opposed him...including my mother, brothers, and sisters."


He pauses as the memories come flooding back, but nevertheless continues.


"When I returned to my village, I sought to kill G'ramau myself and challenged him to a duel...but to no avail, I lost the duel and barely escaped with my life; the man again used his dark magic to defeat me. After my defeat...I ran. His sons hunted me relentlessly through the desert for the next month, and although I killed one of them during this time, the other five managed to escape my grasp and reported back to their father. It wasn't long after the death of G'ramau's first son that U'odh Nuhn and his warriors found me. The U tribe had long been allies with my people, and, because of this, U'odh took me in and raised me as a son from that day."


He looks up to Eva; searching for any means of hope.


"The charges, pressed against me, are all from that time I survived in the desert, but G'ramau Nuhn has been hunting me now for the past ten years. He's used this city-state's government to issue a...I don't know what you people call it...but a request for my arrest; offering a bounty to anyone who can return me alive to the G tribe. I believed that his hunt was over until about a year ago when I ran into an old member of my tribe. They reported back to G'ramau, and thus, as Franz has shown me, were their efforts raised as well as the bounty. I turned myself in because for the past two weeks I've been hunted by bounty hunters. I didn't want to lead them back to the refugee camps...I didn't want to put any of them at risk. I know my tribe is now desperate to execute me on their own terms, but I couldn't allow those who offered me shelter to be in harms way because of my past. This...being something I have hidden from for over a decade now, and you being the second person to hear part of my story."

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Evangeline nods thoughtfully, listening as she opens her briefcase and busies herself with something inside. "I see..." She sighs, "Well the corruptness of Ul'dahn justice is no surprise to me."


"No one is executing you, not until you teach me how to ride Norrick. We can talk more about how to solve this once I break you out. I know those who can help keep you hidden until we have a plan."


She grins and pats the briefcase, "This baby will vaporize everything within 50 Fulms, it should have no problem with the wall and door... just let me finish the timer."


"This jail will be nothing but a crater, and we can simply walk out."

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"Ah, wait! Is that a bomb?!"


G'leo backs up away from the iron bars as Eva prepares the device. "Wait! Don't arm that thing! Think about this for a second. If you set this off here you're more than likely going to kill us in the process, and even if we managed to survive, we'd be walking out from one the most heavily guarded cities and then hunted by all of Uldah as terrorists. We can't do that; we have people to protect."


He hopes his words reach her ears before she considers going another step further. The guard is becoming even more suspicious of the commotion from their cell. He has already sent a repot up to his officer who has already sent word to Ser Crofte. 


"Listen to me, I have to be here Eva. If not to protect the refugees, but to ensure your and everyone else's safety." G'leo's voice had been reduced to a whisper. "I know what I was getting into when I turned myself in to the officials here, please...trust me to know what to do Eva. I promise my story will not end here, and I promise, if you want to ride Norrington I will teach you how. I have to do this; I know this is where I need to be."

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Evangeline pauses, "Ah... yes." She looks around the room, "I suppose this would kill us." She sighs and begins closing the device, "This will have to wait for another day."


She nods finally at his comments, "Very well... though I'll have you know I am learned in law, I could defend you in court if the charges come to that."


Evangeline reaches into a side pocket, "Though here, take some insurance." A small oval of metal is produced, slightly smaller than an egg. It is extremely smooth, and has a strange oily sheen. "Here, it's a combination flashbang and smokebomb. Just throw it on the ground, and it will activate."


She lowers her voice as she hands it to him, "Don't worry about concealing it... I designed it so you can hide it in..." She blushes slightly, "Anyway it's very slippery, so it won't hurt much."

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"Slippery?" G'leo looks to her questioningly. "I'm not sure I catch your meaning." 


He takes the silver orb from her, inspecting it from the safety in the palm of his hand. He nods his head, puts the small explosive in a pocket, and looks back to Eva. 


"I'm sorry I brought so much trouble to you and the refugees. I'd prefer rather to not be here, but alas...for the time being it is necessary. I will miss the outdoors for a while."


He attempts a smile; failing horribly. 


"Eva, promise me you won't try anything crazy while I'm in here. I don't want to find out you've been hurt or injured, and if you are planning something drastic; think about it before you do. Please be safe out there."

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Evangline sighs, blushing, "It's... it's supposed to go."


She finally offers a hand gesture, "In there... like this... even if they search you it won't be obvious."




She clears her throat, "But be wary of high fibre meals."


Evangeline knocks on the door, attempting to summon the guard, "I will take the utmost caution, as always." She hands him a business card, which does indeed say "Rufus Ruferson, Private Barrister."


"Call upon my services if needed."

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G'leo looks at Eva, so does the guard, so does his officer next to him. A strand of hair manages to spring free in G'leo's braids. Luckily the guards didn't know of the smoke bomb, but the gesture the "lawyer" makes shocks them all the same. 


"Uh, I don't...I mean how...when. Mmmmmmmpf."


G'leo hides his head behind his palms as he rubs his face. This isn't at all what he was looking forward too. He takes the card handed to him through the bars; still unable to look up at her. 


He mumbles into his palm. 


"Thnkfffs, Eva."


The guard walks behind the lawyer and opens the door so she/he might follow him out. He looks flabbergasted.

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Natalie bows as she is lead out, "Until our next meeting."


To the Flame, "Treat him well, lest you wish this to become a serious incident."


She walks out of the jail, humming to herself, though a thought still troubles her, one that made her question the safety of G'leo.


"I wonder if he realized I was talking about his butt?" She sighs, shaking her head, "Perhaps I should have been more graphic."


The guard watches her with wide, terrified eyes as Evangeline says that, and then the Elezen is gone, into the night.

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G'leo's head rests against the metal bars of his cell. He's staring at nothing in particular, but by the fates above is he bored out of his mind. He had already finished his normal routine of exercising with his own personal training regiment, making it progressively more challenging to keep his form and his dexterity up, but since he finished it he's found himself with nothing more to do. 


He attempts to re-read the note that Crofte had given him and still finds the newspaper article written about her just as distasteful as before. Tossing it aside, he proceeds to bang his head against the bars...ever so quietly...what he wouldn't give to be outside...just for a bit.

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S'imba was hauled down the corridors heavily shackled. He was kicking and shouting the whole way. "HEY WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT IS GOING ON?" It was clear that the guards were becoming increasingly impatient with the Miqo'te's protest and struggles. Finally tossing him roughly in the cell adjacent G'leo's; S'imba walked over to the door kicking it roughly before pulling his ears in frustration. He looks over to the adjacent cell. "I didn't do even do anything..." He says to G'leo though this is more to himself then anyone.

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The sudden commotion alerts G'leo as he backs up to the far wall of his cell. 


"What in the blazes of Ifrit is going o-"




The cry was loud enough to interrupt his own thoughts. The guards glance towards G'leo as they literally carry the screaming Miqo'te into the cell adjacent to him. The Nuhn watches in confusion as they depart, and only then does he approach the bars. 


"What has happened to you?" G'leo asks the blonde-haired Miqo'te.

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"I have no idea...one minute I'm having a drink with a beautiful woman the next I'm waking up on the desk surrounded by guards before being drug down here...wherever here is." S'imba said looking around his tiny cell it was definitely a pretty sad sight. He looked back to G'leo. "Uh where exactly are we?"

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"S'imba." He replies with a sigh. "Not exactly sure what I did either. To be honest it could be a lot of things now that I think about it." His mind would briefly flick back to the accusations that some of the people that was associated with being involved with shadey magics. He walked over to lean against the bars looking at the other Miqo'te. "You don't look like the dangerous criminal type. What did you do to get locked up here?"

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G'leo can't help but smirk to the ground beneath his own feet. He shakes his head, the mat of hair flaring wildly, before he looks back up to S'imba. "You wouldn't be the first one to say that, nor probably the last; I wonder what it is that makes me seem so approachable."


He chuckles. "I'm in here for murder, treason, and theft. I'm guessing the Sultansworn think I'm some sort of wildling. And before you ask, yes...in a respect the charges against me are true; bit twisted for the benefit of keeping me locked up."

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S'imba can't help but chuckle. "I won't judge you for that. Mostly cause I got a friend who ended up killing a few sultansworn. I may have been mixed up in some similar situations as well. But it was kind of an accident I guess I run with kind of a rough crowd." S'imba rambles. "Anyways what is it you do when your not locked up in here?"

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G'leo regards the miqo'te as he speaks. 


"Rough crowd? Hmm..." That would raise some suspicion for the Nuhn, but he will not dwell on it's ambiguity. "I am- well...was a traveler, or adventurer as you call it here in the city; simply roaming the lands in seek of a hunt, but recently I've been staying here in Ul'dah at the refugee camps."


"If you don't mind me asking...Who are you?"

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