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Looking for an amateur adventurer group

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I   recently  created a conjurer for myself.   I'm looking forward to roleplay with a  different  concept.  I'd  like to  link up with a group of teenagers and  progress my  character  with them.  Take  that  from an  amateur  swordsman  to a cleric  apprentice.  I really think  that  it'd  be unique to  make  something   like that  happen.  



Pelhi'a  is a  quiet,  socially  awkward figure  in his early-mid teens. One  who has dedicated  his  life to studying,  he currently  works  as  a  local cleric  dishing out  help to  ones in need.  


I  could have  wrote  four  paraghraphs   of information,  but  I'd  rather  develop  my character  through  IC  means.  I'm  bored of the  public, mainstream roleplay  scheme  and  I  take a  positive approach upon  heavy roleplay.  I  would expect  the same  from anyone else  who's willing to roleplay with  me.  I'm  online  around   latenights-mornings for PST, 12AM-10PM for GMT.  I'd  like to limit  the group  with  six  people.  No  race  nor gender  restrictions. If  you're  willing to  take  part,  I'd  like you to leave a  brief  information  about  your character's  traits  like  I  did  on  this post,  so  other  people can  see  what're  they getting  into  if  they're  looking forward  to  roleplay aswell.  It'd  be  much better if you can come  up with a  gimmick  that's  different  than  the  others.   I'm looking  forward  for  your  replies.   Don't  hesitate  to  write  it  down  here  if  you're  willing to  take  part.  Thanks  in advance!

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