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Are there any FCs of this sort?

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I've been wanting to get into an RP FC for a while, and am considering a few (looking at you, Mysterium), but every one I've looked at has struck me with a few things that might not work well with my character for one reason or another.  ... Especially since I've begun to realize he might be more questionable than I initially was thinking he'd be.


So instead, I just decided I might ask here, to see if anyone knows if something like this might exist.


I'm specifically looking for a mostly Mage-centric, or at least Aetherical research focused, FC on the morally-grey spectrum.  Those that may get into the more shady side of things (FOR SCIENCE), but aren't inherently evil either.  That said, it's very possible they could get involved with some more 'evil' (or good!) inclined scenarios, and may (or may not) handle them for better or worse, but they don't necessarily lean one way or the other as a rule.


I've seen some good aligned mage groups, some more villainous ones, and a lot of neutral / grey crime groups that don't have a focus on Aether, but I haven't crossed something that stood out as a grey mage society.  Or even a grey research group.  Unless I'm wrong!  Which is entirely possible.


So I'm curious, are there any of these around?  Are some of the FCs I saw here actually more grey than they come off to me?  Are any of you recruiting?  I'm kind of looking to get out of the leveling FC I'm in currently, and would really like to join something on the heavier RP side.  :>

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