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Need Maelstrom, Pirates, and Bounty Hunters for plot

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I need several people for a plot. My character a few years ago was a pirate, and gave it all up. Because he moved his life to Ul'Dah he has been well hidden, though the Maelstrom is still looking for him. He was known by the monicker 'The Fist of the Sea'.


Breeze now tries to hide from that name, but recent events saw him degrading into that old personality which may have attracted attention. So what I'd like to have are


Maelstrom Officers who might be on the lookout.


Bounty Hunters who would want the bounty on his head.


Pirates that he may have served with, and a few that might want him dead for a betrayal of the pirate code.


and lastly and completely optional 

A Roegadyn Sea Wolf woman that he would have once had a trist with. Nothing serious, but important for his story.


Anyone interested in this, please send me a message here, or find Breeze sitting at the barstools in The Quicksand all too often, drinking and carrying on.


Thanks in advance!


(The Wanted Poster stated below is out of date.)


Wanted Dead: The Fist of the Sea.

Wanted for the Crimes of Piracy, Murder, Pillaging, Vandalism, and Kidnapping.

Described as a young Hyur Highlander boy with light skin, and shaved blond hair.

He is always considered armed and dangerous even when he is not, and have been known to kill a man with a well placed punch. Please take precautionary measures before engaging.

Kill on sight.

A Reward of 500,000 Gil will be given to the person who brings in his Head.

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