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I wanna rob somebody!

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So my latest character is a renegade mage who hates the 1%, over privileged and the corruption of the government. She hates how society is lazy and how it neglects the less fortunate so she turns to make them 'pay.'


So yeah. I wanna rob somebody! Preferably a wealthy individual or a courtesan. She will not rob anyone poor. Also, if there happens to be a fight, I'd like her to at least have her get away just this once (she doesn't have to win :P).

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... While my character has precisely no amicable ties to the governments in Eorzea, and is definitely not of the sort to repress anyone, he is still decently well off, and can totally be robbed.


Xavarian is a nocturnal duskwight, also a mage, who not only appears (and is) decently wealthy, but might often be seen carrying around a number of packed bags full of artifacts, relics, books, materials to make books, and various other things in that general category.  He's a scribe and book-binder by trade, but deals with retrieving artifacts and items of Aetherical power when he can.


On the other hand, he dislikes crowds, is hardly ever in cities other than Limsa, and is.. pretty new to 'the surface'.  He'd likely be found on the road instead of in the city.


To someone unaware, he might seem like a good target to 'get back at the man'.  Really, he's not at all associated with any of the wealthy beyond the deep caverns in Eorzea, and is pretty clearly a duskwight.


So, in his case, it entirely depends on if you want your character to actually pick an appropriate mark, or potentially make a half-mistake with her intended target instead (since Xavarian's actually likely to just give someone something, or help them find an equivalent, if they ask).   ... If robbed, he also might attempt to come after her later.  Maybe.  Depending on what she took.  But I figure it would be fun RP all the same.  :>


If not, though, that's fine too! He doesn't quite fit the bill of what your character is looking for, just might appear to on the outside.

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Yes, or at least that's where her company is. It applies to any area really as long as it's not overpopulated... so I guess either in a dark alley or outside the city then, lol.


By the way, she'll be in darklight robes when committing the crime. Visually, she won't be realizable without it. If you see her again when she's not wearing it, she'll just play dumb/innocent if you suspect her.

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