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Hello, all. My name is Mercy, but my two FFXIV characters are Lucia Anderei (Shiva) and Crooked Rose (Gilgamesh).

FFXIV is the first MMORPG that I've played so I was very nervous at the beginning, but I'm gotten the hang of it now. 

On my first server, Shiva, I wasn't very RP orientated, but I have been RPing since I was seventeen, on Twitter, Tumblr, and other forum based sites, so I would say I am experienced in it.

Crooked Rose, on Gilgamesh, is my newest character (although I am trying to make her on Balmung, but Balmung is rarely open these days.)  She's the tallest fem Roe you can have, with a strong sense of justice. She can appreciate a good sense of humour; just don't expect her to be the one cracking jokes.

I live in GMT, and while Aether isn't exclusively for people living in NA, I understand that perhaps a large percentage of people do and so in order to RP well, we'd have to work around timeline issues that can fit comfortably between work, school, and everything else.

I look forward to RPing with people on Gilgamesh (and hopefully soon Balmung).


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Be a little patient and hop on the Balmung bandwagon! 


Welcomies and hellos! Yay for new RPer! 


I... don't know what else to say... loss of words! (I blame Franz for it! :surprise: Lol, I'm kidding! )


Edit: Eh, what the heck! If you ever see a C'eleni Meztli online, feel free to walk up or send a tell for RP!

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