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Hey there! So I've finally gotten around to the initial set up of my character around these parts. A Keeper Miqo, I was hoping to give Jujah some flair with a bit of an accent. As far as the typical theme of Eorzean accents, they seem to be more European, but I was hoping to play up the 'h' Miqo sound. Its hardly a sound I can produce so figuring out where it fits phonetically has been difficult, but I imagine is sounds something like 



The whole clip is littered with a few other "hissing" that I like more than the traditional cat-like hiss. These sound much more feline. Anyway, so I may have already put in a couple of posts with the accent, even though I'm not too sure its working. You can find them below.





Yes? No? Feedback is welcome! =^.^=

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