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  1. Well this sounds like super fun, though... complicated at the moment.
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    Hey there! So I've finally gotten around to the initial set up of my character around these parts. A Keeper Miqo, I was hoping to give Jujah some flair with a bit of an accent. As far as the typical theme of Eorzean accents, they seem to be more European, but I was hoping to play up the 'h' Miqo sound. Its hardly a sound I can produce so figuring out where it fits phonetically has been difficult, but I imagine is sounds something like . The whole clip is littered with a few other "hissing" that I like more than the traditional cat-like hiss. These sound much more feline. Anyway, so I may have already put in a couple of posts with the accent, even though I'm not too sure its working. You can find them below. http://goo.gl/qTrplZ http://goo.gl/NfUCZW Yes? No? Feedback is welcome! =^.^=
  3. Not Karen! Can I say that I have been following your writing since first exploring the RP community for ARR (which is admittedly only a few months time having stumbled across your field Journal either on the Lodestone or some other blogspace) and your construction of Kannadi is inspiring.
  4. You can do this. You've made it this far, Jujah'to thought, gingerly entering the kitchen of the Bismarck. The dark featured Miqo'te desperately clung with both hands to a round wooden tray, stacked with various plates and cups, their contents consumed. All about him the restaurant bustled; waitresses glided in and out of the dining area, guests talked among themselves, pots and pans clanged, and food sizzled and simmered. It felt like a battlefield. And there was Jujah'to, inching along. He could call upon the elements to move Earth, Air, and Water, but he couldn't carry a blasted tray without white knuckles. He could swear those waitresses had to be unnatural. They carried these damnable trays one handed, for Twelve's sake! WHOOSH! “Pardon--!” Too late. It was as if time slowed, yet he felt like an Acorn Snail. The tray teetered and he watched as items slipped from it. It was all he could do to save a lone cup among the symphony of shattering dinnerware. The whole restaurant had come to a standstill to hear its ballad. Of. Course. Pale-faced, Jujah'to caught Jossy, the supplier behind the front desk, glaring at him. In an instant the restaurant resumed its commotion, with a mix of reactions within the kitchen, from shaking heads to grinning chuckles. Lyngsath watched from his perch, tight-lipped for a moment, then his jolly enthusiasm returning. He had more important matters to oversee. “You had better get that cleaned up before Jossy, over there, melts the fur off your tail with just the look in her eyes.” Jujah'to bent quickly and began gathering larger broken pieces onto his tray. I bet it will be easier to carry now, huh? He looked as a light skinned, male, Hyur crouched to help. He was about to thank him, until-- “You!” “Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” the Hyur scratched the back of his head, “I move a bit too fast sometimes.” Jujah'to glared at him, then let his anger go. He couldn't blame this person for his ineptitude. “Iht's okay… Thank you.” “Don't worry, we'll get this cleaned up,“ the Hyur waved a hand lightheartedly, “you're new, yes? Well, commis de debarrasseur, you might want to use one of those wooden bins. Less balancing. Besides, you can hold much more than one of those trays. Just don’t bring it to a table with you. Be quick about it, I'm sure there's a few more dishes that still need collecting out there, then I'll see you down in the scullery. I bet Lyngsath has go you on double duty for now, eh? I'll fetch the broom and get what's left here.” Jujah'to nodded, prostrating with a much more stable tray. Turning to be off, a hand grabbed his arm. He looked back at the smiling Hyur. “Oh, and welcome to the Brigade.”
  5. “Welcome to the Bismarck! How are you today?” “I’m wehll, thank you.” “Pardons, but have you made a reservation?” The dark complexioned Miqo’te nodded in reply. “Name?” “Jujah’to Irah” The waitress traced her finger down a list atop her tray, “Ah, here it is! A table for one?” “Ihf you wouhld, please.” “Follow me,’ she grinned at him, and began walking towards the main balcony dining. Another waitress weaves her way around the busy late dinner. She is somehow of the ability to precariously balance a mere four plates atop her tray, while carrying a fifth in her hand. But the noise. It’s the fourth Air bell, for Twelvesake. Though the water view dining was ideal on the main balcony, the bustling and conversation of the diners, the call of gulls, the crashing waves, and clang of a hustling kitchen were too much. Jujah’to quickly looked around desperately, spotting a back patio with limited seating, and grabbed the waitress’s attention. He pointed back behind them to the lone empty table on the patio. She, thankfully, smiled and answered with a friendly, “Sure!” “There you are, and enjoy you’re meal,” she said, setting down a menu book and sheet. He wondered if she remembered him from the day before. Jujah’to had only arrived days prior, and after a few expeditions through the city, he finally stumbled upon The Bismarck. It was the only one so far not too rough around the edges. She had prompted him for a reservation then, which he admittedly did not have.“But not to worry, we’ll pen you in for one now, if it begs your pardons.” With a sigh of relief, Jujah’to sat, arranging his pack atop one of the empty seats. He didn't need to tote it around with him everywhere, but he did not trust his most precious valuables in his room. City of Pirates, indeed, and he was not about to find out just how this city would live up to that name. Yellowjacket presence or no. “Afternoon, sir, may I bring you something to drink?” “Yes, wahter please.” He smiled up at the new waitress attending him. “Certainly,” she beamed upon exit, returning shortly with his water. He asked for five minutes before ordering. Rifling through his pack, Jujah’to pulled out a couple of sturdy letters. The first being subject of his transfer. While part of the Guild in Gridania, this is his first visit to Limsa. For proper assignment at the Guild here, he was written a transfer letter, courtesy of Mother. The other letter, he opened for review, not for the first time since receiving it. At-will contract of services aiding the Limsa Lominsa Yellowjackets… use of abilities in rapid recovery of any injuries suffered… possibility of compensation for any other services outsourced… pay contingent upon contribution given… agree to to be called upon variably with payment due for each individual instance... He sat back, considering. While hardly a bad deal--healing does not come cheap--he was not sure it would be enough to sustain him without consistency. He’d have to do something else for work here. Though crime does not run a muck here, he is hesitant by virtue of the still edgier atmosphere this city commands in comparison to Gridania. And Gridania is his first city to experience beyond the Shroud. This was all foreign enough, as it was. Looking for work only solidified his stay. With a weary look across the way, Jujah’to put his bag in his lap, discreetly counting the Gil within. While not something he held in high regard in the past, his aptitude for Mathematics has always been sufficient. And even if not regularly exercised before the Calamity, he now knows the value of budgeting, and so has changed much of his ways. Enough to last a week. He should be able to find something by then, no? Yes. Watching the waitresses lithely move table to table, and one veer in his direction, he could feel a sense of urgency. He quickly picked up the menu book. Drinks; no thank you. He skimmed the single sheet; pan-seared Mutton, La Noscean lettuce, Ruby Tomatoes, Aldgoat Cheese, topped with Cinderfoot Olive Oil. Perhaps he could start here. “Pardons, sir, you are ready to order?” Jujah’to nodded, “Might I first inquihure ihf The Bismrck is hihring?” She scanned the bustling dining room and put her hands on her hips, “You know, I don’t really know. We could possibly use the help, but I’ll have to ask H’lahono what she thinks. But you’re best bet is to ask the Receptionist within.” “Will do," Jujah'to flashed her his best smile, "And Ihf you wouhld, I’ll ohrder the Muhtton Caprese.”
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