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New Player & Character seeking connections

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Hello everyone,


A brief intro: some of you may know my previous character, Athala Greywolfe. I only played her for about 3 weeks on Gilgamesh, so it is likely everyone I knew is long gone from this game.


I have restarted my FFXIV experience with a new account and character (TY Black Friday sale). My main's name is Kerrich Snow, a Hyur Midlander Thaumaturge apprentice living in Ul'Dah.

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I'm newish to rp (done forum rp for at least a decade now, just nothing in-game like this) and trying to make some connections with people who are newish to the rp community as well! 

I've got Nessa Sawyer an aspiring marauder Hyur or Rivienne Juliembert an Elezen

without a clear aspiration at this point, I'd love to rp sometime! Rivi's the type who'd get along with most anyone because she doesn't make a lot of waves. Nessa and Kerrich would probably be a bit more interesting, but I'd be down for anything.

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Another mage, excellent.  My character, Xavarian Mystrife, is also studying Thaumaturgey, though he is less often at the guild now than he may have been in the past.  If your character wants another fellow student in the ways of Aether, who is basically a giant cryptic, yet excitable nerd, I'd be so down to play with Kerrich sometime.  :>


You can poke me on these forums to get together for RP, and/or search / add me in game if you'd like~

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