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A Cherry Blossom in the Wind [Semi-Closed] [IC/OOC Reactions Welcome]

SM Nick

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One night in the woods of the Black Shroud


Footsteps can be heard from a distance in the mystic Twelveswood, as the silhouette of a young girl can be seen running away from three huge bandits. The young girl seemed to be a short Hyur Midlander, wearing pink Doman clothing as she flees from her pursuers. Her expression is one of complete fear as she runs with all her stamina, panting along the way.


"Come back here, bitch!", said one of the bandits chasing the girl.


Eventually after a couple of minutes, the Doman girl tripped and fell to the ground as the bandits catch up to her, with the girl showing an expression of hopelessness and tears running down from her yellow eyes on her face.


"Got ye now, little lady! Give us all yer gil and we won't hurt ye." Said the boss of the bandits as they tower over the girl.


The girl is now trembling and shivering in complete fear, unable to move.


"P-p-please stop! I need this money! Leave me alone!" said the girl.


"I'm getting sick of yer complaining, gal!" One of the bandits said and then drew a knife. "Let us 'convince' ye..."


He was about to stab the girl in the chest when she suddenly disappeared, the knife hitting the ground where the girl once was. The bandits unsurprisingly showed expressions of great surprise on their faces as they tried to comprehend what just happened.


"EH?! What in the hells?!"

"Where did the lil' lass go?!"


"How despicable. You would really do such things to an innocent woman?" A voice similar to the scared girl's said, but in a extremely different tone. The bandits frantically looked around them for the source of the voice but to no avail.


"Dammit! Where are ye?!" said the bandits' boss.


"I'm like a blossom to the wind. Be befuddled in my blossoms." The voice was revealed to be coming from the same girl, standing and balancing on one of the surrounding tree's branches high up, with a completely different expression and tone, she suddenly disappears from the branch and appears near-instantly behind one of the bandits, with a dagger held back-handed on her right hand, as she slashes and assassinates the bandit as silent as shadow, and leaving behind a cherry blossom petal before returning to the shadows above.


"DAMN YE!" said the dying bandit as he quickly fell to the ground.


The other two bandits rushed towards their fallen comrade until the girl appeared behind another bandit and slashed him the same way, leaving behind another petal as she returned to the shadows.


The boss, noticing his two comrades have fallen, has shown great anger and rage as he demanded, "SHOW YERSELF, COWARD!" The girl revealed herself to the remaining bandit, dressed in Doman ninja garb with the same cold expression she had before with her golden yellow eyes.


"Oi...who the hells are ye?" Said the boss calmly as he tried to control his anger.


".....You thugs don't deserve to learn my name." the girl said in a nearly emotionless tone.


"Well lass...YOU JUST EARNED YERSELF, AN AXE ON YER BODY!" the boss roared as he drew his great axe and rushed at the girl.


At the same time, the girl has started doing a couple of mudras with her hands, staying completely still as the boss still rushed at her.


When she finished her mudras, she said in a quiet and distinct Doman tongue. She suddenly blows a trail of fire from her mouth towards the bandit, incinerating him as he burned to his death.


"How disappointing. But you guys deserve it." She walked toward the burnt boss and put a cherry blossom petal on his corpse, before disappearing back into the shadows of the Black Shroud's trees.


((Feel free to react to this!))

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