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My future character's biography - alpha version.

Guy Tower

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Hello again! It will be a few months before I get to play A Realm Reborn, but as some of you noticed, I'm already preparing for that joy, mostly by learning as much as I can about the lore and figuring out my main character. I figured it's a nifty idea to put the, well, idea for my character on the paper - and that it's an even better idea to do so in public, so that you, better wersed in ARR's lore, can make corrections and suggestions if needed.


I'm aware of the existence of the "Hundred questions" sheet, but I also want to dust off my writing skills, as low as they are. Therefore, I will put together a little story about Guy's past, trying to fill it with information about him.



Ready to read some mediocre biography? Lets go! check the attachment for a short, tad over three pages long Word document.

Guy Tower.doc

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Nobody's interested with giving me a hand with this? The "biography" is short, if you don't like reading other people's pages long bullcrap, and not as badly written as I presented it. Actually, if I had the time to polish it (I do not), I wouldn't feel awkward showing it at all.


If nobody feels like it, I'll ask the mod to delete the post, cough awkwardly and pretend the topic was never here.

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