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Illustre Alliance (Balmung)


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[align=center]Illustre Alliance is Recruiting![/align]

OOC Information:

[align=left]We are always recruiting for RP and non-RP.  We have a core group of active officers and are always looking for new members to come RP with us and hang out with us!

If you'd like to join, please send a tell to one of these people or apply directly:

Asheloux Thalantos

Hikari LeBlanc

Synn Heolster

Ay'tri Sivari



To join our FC ICly you can join but you must RP with at least one officer to pass our basic RP level test. We've faced some frustrations in the past and we would like to avoid those from now on. We have a mix of medium to heavy RPers involved with us and would like to keep it that way. If you are a beginner and show interest in learning we will accept that too as long as you don't get angry about the advice we give.


We're also currently building an Enjin site:  http://illustre-alliance.enjin.com


Housing Information:  Goblet Ward 3, Plot 10 (Small).  Current Housing is temporary.  We plan to relocate to The Mist in a medium plot.[/align]


[align=center]FREE COMPANY PLOT[/align]




A lone Lalafell marked by his deity was recruiting members for something.  Something important.  He sought to create his own, self-sufficient City-State within the world of Eorzea.  He gathered people from all walks of life.  Some were sea and skyfaring fighters, they became a part of his fleet.  Some were scholars, researchers, and informants, they became a part of his academic society.  Others were merchants and politicians, they became the voice and coin for the City-State to grow under.  The leaders of these factions all believed what the Lalafell was doing was right.  They wanted to build the society up with him, and work together for a greater common good.  However, that all changed when the Lalafell started to show his true colors.  He was not interested in creating a self-sustaining society, nor did he have any interest in working with others.  He was a dictator who wanted to mold these individuals into a force to do his bidding for him while he sat around and watched from the shadows.  He wanted puppets, not partners.  


The leaders started to realize this and started to question their alliance.  They met on a sunny afternoon in Limsa's Costa del Sol, where they would be safe from their dictator's prying ears, to discuss the matter at hand.  After debate from all sides, they planned a coup to take back what was rightfully theirs.  The leaders were successful in their struggle, gaining back most of their resources and removing shackles to their greedy leader.  


After short negotiation, the leaders of the three factions came back together to discuss their future.  They could either stay allied to each other or go their separate ways.  They decided to keep their dreams alive and stay together.  They called themselves, the Illustre Alliance or Alliance of Light.  They soon registered within Limsa Lominsa and thus the new Alliance was born.


[align=center]The Alliance[/align]


The Alliance is still built around three factions with a council making all of the decisions.  They are separate but equal groups and joining one, by contract, allows for the access of aid and resources from the other two for your own ventures.


[align=center]The Lunar[/align]

The Lunar are the fighters in the Alliance.  There are two sides to this fleet.  The first is the Naval Fleet, lead by Hikari LeBlanc and Mkaela Sovari.  They rule the seas of Eorzea like no other, only answering to the Admiral herself.  The second part is the upcoming Air Fleet, lead by Synn Heolstor, a lieutenant and Lunar Novas.  His fleet protects the skies like an iron wall, protecting Eorzea from the empire and anyone else willing to threaten the common folk.  All of their paperwork and charters come from the Admiral herself and processed by Aylea Fairclough, the assistant to the captains.


[align=center]The Umbra[/align]

The Umbra is composed of researchers, scientists, information hoarders, and any other sorts of academics you can think of.  Asheloux Thalantos oversees this group with an iron fist.  With his research in practical uses for magick and aether flow,  he takes his work and the work of those bellow him very seriously.  While stiff with the members of the order as well as the rules that he holds them to, his number one priority is the safety of the men and women beneath him.  He had an assistant, a Miqo'te by the name of D'bhin Nbolo, but he went missing.  The Alliance is still waiting for his return.


[align=center]The Solar[/align]

The Solar acts the voice and coin for the Alliance and is composed of their politicians and merchants.  These groups are co-lead by the mysterious and magnificent couple, Sosumo Suno and Red Snake.  The Lalafell and Elezen duo are charming in their own right and are the welcoming voice of the Free Company to others who may be interested in the alliance.  



[align=center]Current State of Affairs[/align]


With what resources and gil they could take back from their former dictator, the Alliance established temporary housing in Ul'dah until they could procure the proper establishments in Limsa Lominsa, their home city.  Currently, the council members are trying to rebuild their factions so they can steadily approach their individual and collective goals.


We are also preparing to set off into the Nymian city and conduct research alongside a friend of the Free Company and Dragon Army. We hope to use this research to build a more efficient air fleet to surpass that of the Garlean Magitek fleet.

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I'd like to bump this up as our FC is currently looking for more RPers--specifically more scholarly types and merchant and political types.

Our IC dungeon runs are starting on the 7th for our trip to the Nymian city so please send any of our council members a pm/tell if you are interested.

Furthermore, you do not have to be in our FC to be involved in our plot.  If you would like to get involved, please also contact us!  We'd love to have you on board.

For those who are level 50: you qualify to run to the Wanderer's Palace IC dungeon runs (multiple groups of four communicating through LS)

Non level 50: you will be stationed in outer la noscea. 


Please contact us for more information!

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