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Bertus Bockenbower, Owner of Bockenbower Baubles, Found Dead in Home

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Pearl Lane- Ul'dah's commercial distracts are mourning the loss of respected businessmen Bertus Bockenbower, found deceased in his Ul'dahn apartment early Windsday evening. The official statement from Brass Blades Captain Kolkel Belkel follows.


"We are saddened by the loss of one of Ul'dah's finer tradesmen. Our investigations have ruled that Ser Bockenbower succumbed to a defect of the heart, complicated by the stress of his day to day. He will be in our prays as he passes before Nald'Thal."


Bockenbower Baubles was in the process of being acquired by an undisclosed buyer. Memorial services will be held in the Ossuary and will last throughout the week.

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