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The Breakdown

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RL Info (if you want):


RL Name: Classified

RL Age: 23 ( Jan. 23 1987)

Country: USA

Timezone: -7 GMT (No Daylight savings)

RL Gender: Female


--Why do you like to RP?


I love to roleplay, always have since I was a little girl. I believe it is mostly because I tend to have a very creative mind, so outside of my art, I like to find other means to expressive my creativeness and roleplaying seems to be the best outlet.


RP Preferences:

--Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game?


Yes, I am. I have no problem with this, so long as no one is god moding or doing something outlandish.


--What is your preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc)


Honestly, if we were to let the system decide if you hit or missed, probably by using the /random and if depend on who got the high number is if they hit or missed.

This however I only use if I didn't think the person was skilled enough in rp to use common sense.


--Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss, comas, etc.)


Yes, comas - limb loss-- that be hard to say since you know, can't have avatar lose a limp, however broken arm.. leg that was healing. I could do that.


--Are you willing to let your character die permanately?


This is-- hard, but I do believe in ConDeath, so it depends on the situation.


--Are you willing to RP romance in game? How far are you willing to go?


Yes, I have no problem with romance rp and how far it will go? Depends on the maturity of the other player on the other side.


--What kind of non-romantic RP relationships are you willing to take part in? (family ties, etc)


Pretty much anything and everything. I am a rather laid back person who has done a great number of things in rping.


--How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray?


Haha. This is always a dangerous question. I believe in lore, but I also don't mind lore bending if it is done so tastefully, thoughtfully, can be explained how and whys, and finally, if it is way outlandish.


--Views on chat functions (IC vs OOC)?


IC, almost always IC with me. This includes tells as well, which I believed to be a telepathic connection between players.


--Are you looking for Cross-guild Rp?


RP is RP. Crosses or not, it is still RP.


--How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread)


Either or.

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