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I. Basic Info 




  • Noyakir Tribe (OOC, can invite on Qaratolui and Jakatolui)
  • Scales of Othard (OOC)


II. RP Style 


Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

  • I'd probably describe my RP as medium? I tend not to use those terms much, so hopefully that's not wildly inaccurate.
  • Essentially, I like to stick closely to lore, stay IC as much as possible and use the game systems (classes, actions, etc.) as a sort of base for my characters (ex: Qaratolui is a Bard, but IC he is a novice with the bow). I like to keep a certain continuity in my characters' stories and hopefully manage some development. However, RP is not my only focus in the game, as I also like to run around and level the various classes (thanks to alts, I can play different roles without being too far from IC), so sometimes my characters will do things purely OOC.

Views on RP combat and injuries:

  • I don't really have much experience doing RP combat, but I think with a bit of OOC guidance I could probably manage it. I understand that there are several systems in place to make things fair, such as pre-determined outcomes discussed by the involved parties, dice rolls, open-ended statements, etc. and I am prepared to follow those systems.
  • On the topic of injuries, death and dismemberment, I'd like to be able to decide whether my characters will get mangled or not. Scars I can usually accept, but dismemberment I normally won't. I am only likely to accept having my characters killed if I am looking to retire them anyway.
  • Some of my characters have certain scars that make up part of their backstory. Depending on some factors, roleplayed stories could be added into that backstory to explain the scar in more detail.

Views on IC romance:

  • I'm not against it if it occurs organically, but I'm not one to actively seek it out. I will not do any erotic scenes, however.
  • Some of my characters may be flirty or the like, but I consider it more of a quirk than a bid for romance.

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

  • I view "non-romantic RP" as "most RP" in my case. I tend to run around IC a lot, and I love living out my adventures in the world of Eorzea alongside all of you fine folks!
  • If someone wants to be involved in my character's backstory or plots, or vice-versa, I am perfectly happy to discuss it with them to figure out where our characters can best fit together. I tend to be somewhat vague with backstory stuff in case I need to add things or people to it in the future.

Views on lore:

  • I think lore is important to make the world of FFXIV a (somewhat) realistic and functional place. I try to follow the lore as much as possible, only making assumptions when I feel it is logical to do so. If I make mistakes, feel free to point them out, as I'd like to be as lore-accurate as I can be.
  • As for my views on how others treat the lore, I'd prefer it if they didn't break it. I understand bending or extending it to suit certain needs, but if something completely lore-breaking happens (ex: you turn into the Hulk and throw a Kamehameha), I will probably no longer wish to take part in the RP.

Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

  • /say: I prefer it to be IC. I will usually use ((parentheses)) to denote OOC chat. Others can do what they wish, of course, though I will likely ask if they are IC or not if I get confused.
  • /em and emotes: I will normally treat them as IC, unless they are absolutely ridiculous (ex: a rapid succession of seemingly random emotes).
  • /tell: I will normally use tells in an OOC fashion, but that can change depending on the context. Sometimes my characters will whisper something to other characters, which I will do in tells, with some hinting in /say or /em for others. Sometimes it is simply better to RP in /tell (ex: to avoid chat spam or trolls).
  • /party: I will often treat this as OOC, but depending on the context it may become IC.
  • /linkshell: Each linkshell has their own rules, which I respect. I'll be IC or OOC depending on the specific LS's rules.
  • /freecompany: This, too, depends on the group I am joining. I intend to follow the rules laid out by the specific FC.
  • Overall, if I notice someone talking IC on a particular chat channel, I will normally switch to IC and/or ((OOC in parentheses)) over that channel to match.

III. Other Info 


Country: Canada, specifically New-Brunswick


Timezone: Atlantic (UTC -3)


Contact info: I can be PMed on here or in-game. Or if you find a "banndsand" on just about any site, it's usually me.


Footnotes: If I do anything to upset you, feel free to talk to me about it. Sometimes I say some pretty dumb things, and I'd like to learn not to do that, so it would genuinely be appreciated. :)


[align=center]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/align]

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  • 4 weeks later...

Big ol' update!


  • Changed some formatting stuff
  • Overhauled tons of text
  • Updated character list to reflect recent changes, detailed below
  • Wiki pages are in progress! Working on the Noyakir twins for now, eventually Zuzu and Usynthuv
  • Added a footnote thingy

Character changes:


  • Qaratolui Noyakir is the new main.
  • Jakatolui Noyakir (Khitzu Rinh in-game) joins the fray, likely to become the secondary main...? sub-main? mid-main? Eh, whatever.
  • Khitzu Rinh has disappeared, and is likely dead. Oh noes! (non-specific just in case)
  • Zuzuki Zuki is in retirement limbo (less fun than it sounds) while I decide if I want to keep her or not. She has been taken off the list for now.

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