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A link to your page, or an idea of how you *are* inputting the information in the template, would probably be helpful for this-- if you haven't figured it out already.

If it's just showing up as a link, my educated guess is that you only need to put the name of the uploaded file, omitting the "File:" pretag.



EDIT: And as said below, make sure you've actually uploaded the image you want to the wiki. That would help. :P

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You likely need to upload the picture as a file onto the wiki first, then link to the wiki version of the file.  You don't use the traditional < img > html to get them to work, either.  You just put the filename where you want the image to be (at least for most of the templates) and don't worry about other coding.  But if there's another problem, I'm not entirely sure what it'd be.  D:

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Hah, yeah, I had to figure that one out too.  Hopefully it helps!


Also, if you have other weird run-ins with wiki code, I've found a thing that helps me (since I can logically parse through some of the code as is, just don't know how to do all the things I want done) is browsing other people's pages, until you find one that has the element you like, then going to 'Edit' to see how they coded it.  Not necessarily to steal their whole template format or anything, but like.. say, to figure out how to place an image, or to make a spoiler box or something.


So long as you don't change anything on their page, I doubt anyone would mind.  Or at least, I wouldn't mind if someone looked at my wikipage codings.  And you can always ask them or credit them if you're looking for more than just 'I wanted to know the wiki code for hiding text' or something.  :>

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