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Outer Heaven & Light Warriors (Disbanded)

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[align=center]Outer Heaven, building a better tomorrow... today![/align]



[align=center]It all began when the City-States began looking for adventurers to take on assignments for the good of the three nations. Although the City-States did an excellent job of finding work for the people and helping out their countries, a few important jobs seemed to slip through the cracks.


It became the vision of wealthy philanthropist, Lord Batgroob Dok, to establish a company whose goal was to take charge of the missions and jobs where the City-States had failed. He dubbed the project Outer Heaven. Master Dok knew it would take more than mere words to make his vision become a reality, thus he looked to the noble houses of Ul'dah and recruited those who would help in his endeavor.


Batgroob of House Dok now oversees the Pillar known as Lefein, the sword and shield of Outer Heaven. Lefein encompasses everything from the guild guards to mercenaries for hire. Not only is Lefein involved in much of the ground work and dangerous missions that come through the patrons, but they are rumored to have a caste of elite individuals of exceptional prowess known as The Black Dragons


Avalon is the Pillar responsible for all things magic related within Outer Heaven and is led by House Mavanix's famed heir, Master Castiel Mavanix. From destructive magic to healing magic to magical artifacts and everything in between, this Pillar seeks to expand Outer Heaven through the sheer force of power.


Lead by Mistress Eva Ianeira, Rainfall is the Pillar that addresses the material concerns of Outer Heaven - providing weapons, armor, clothing, tools, food, medicine, and anything else that can be crafted, harvested, found, or otherwise made with one's own hands.


The final Pillar is managed by the heiress of the noble House Winter, Mistress Seraphine Winter and named in her glory. Arcadia is the Pillar home to public relations specialists, entertainers, writers, and artists. Promotion of Outer Heaven and its members are at the forefront of this Pillar's agenda.


These four noble houses fund and organize Outer Heaven Explorers Legion. They have opened the doors to brave adventurers who share the companies vision of a better tomorrow today! Will you be among the Legion and join them?[/align]


OOC Information:


Server: Besaid


Leaders/contacts: Seraphine Winter, Zane Gall, Eva Ianeira, Castiel Mavanix


RP Style: Heavy (100% IC on Outer Heaven, plus Light Warriors progression and OOC shell)


Website/forum: http://ffxivlegion.enjin.com


RP element: Adventurer's Guild founded by a coalition of nobles. Somewhat of a ârivalâ organization to the Adventurer's Guilds in the city-states.


Headquarters: Branch office in each city-state. More emphasis will be placed on the HQ once company housing is added.


Application criteria/process: Apply via website. Applicants must have majority approval by an officer vote to be accepted. If you join Outer Heaven RP shell, you may also be placed in a Pillar according to your skills and personality. We are giving a trial period of two weeks before allowing people to apply to be placed in a Pillar to give everyone a chance to get to know each other. In game interview will follow (IC and OOC).


Rules: See this section: http://ffxivlegion.enjin.com/legionrules . Please note that there is a "general rules," "Light Warrior rules", and "Outer Heaven rules" page you must read over and agree to as well..


Additional info: Outer Heaven strives to engage its members in a constantly evolving over-arching storyline while still heavily promoting individual RP opportunities for character development. We also offer a "faction" system in which members may join one of the linkshell's Four Pillars to further integrate themselves into the linkshell community. Additionally, we offer a mission system based around custom-made guildleves meant to advance the shell's main story, faction stories, and just random fun events. In addition, the shell is treated as an audio/visual tool (following the group's first in game quest/mission that will introduce the visual concept. Until then it is audio only.).

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What once started out as a group of four former Sylphites with the simple desire to RP together has grown into something phenomenal! In just over a month we have a steady group of 24 fantastic members and we're growing every day. On behalf of Zane, Castiel, Eva, and myself, we would like to thank the entire RP community for welcoming our shell onto Besaid.


Since our linkshells creation we've had three successful missions so far...


On our first mission, Castiel Mavanix lead Outer Heaven on a daring adventure to find a way to enchant our linkpearls in order to give them visual capabilities. As a group we learned a bit about the Mavanix family history as we wield and dealed with shady merchants and battled Sylphs. With the help of Zeah Loraire, Castiel was able to cast a dangerous spell that gave our pearls the capability to see the images of linkshell members based on memory and location to an aetheryte.




Our second mission started off as a linkshell bonfire at Owls Nest, organized by Seraphine Winter. The group told stories and snacked on goodies as they warmed up by an open fire. However, their quiet evening was interrupted when an assassin attacked Zeah Loraire. While the group rushed to her aid, Seraphine Winter went to the Outer Heaven Headquaters to file a report on the incident. Rushing against the clock, Amalthea Ghoulheart managed to collect the items needed for the remedy to try and stabilize Zeah's condition. It was only then they realized the true target was Seraphine Winter, who had surrendered herself to a rogue Outer Heaven employee calling himself "Ace". The group was given 10 days to turn control of Outer Heaven over to the fiend or Seraphine would suffer the consequences...




After ten days of worry and searching, the members of Outer Heaven managed to save Zeah Loraire and locate Seraphine Winter with information provided by Ravirr Shiga. With mere hours left until Seraphine's execution was to take place, the group stormed the Agelyss Wise in search of "Ace". The group distracted "Ace" while Zane Gall managed to cross a treacherous bridge and rescue Seraphine. As a final desperate act "Ace" summoned his minion who turned on him and killed him...




In the near future we also have another mission planned and hosted by Eva Ianeira that is sure to be packed with fun and adventure!


Thanks again to everyone at the RPC and everyone of our members who made this dream possible! If you're up for a good group of role players who meet often and focus on IC missions, events and storylines, then look no further!

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