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Velentione's Day


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Currently observed throughout Eorzea, Valentione's Day was originally established to pay tribute to Countess Arabelle de Valentione of Ishgardâa remarkable woman who exhibited unparalleled courage in her quest for true love. In present day, it has become an occasion on which people express feelings of love and gratitude to those most important in their lives. This is commonly done via the exchange of simple chocolate bon-bons crafted specially by the giver.


While in recent years there have been complaints that the true spirit of the day has been grossly pervertedânow little more than a marketing ploy conjured up by the Culinarians' Guild and the Company of Eorzean Kukuru Growers to increase sales of their productsâthis does not take away from the fact that countless people across the realm use this tradition to bring happiness to others. And isn't that what the countess would have wanted?



House Valentione Coat-of-Arms[/align]


For further info, see the Lodestone: http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/topics/detail?id=ebb24e6b791146967b5ef78776aa0ef7e9d2ddc0


Event runs from February 1st to February 15th.

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