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Just wanted to apologize to everyone for the delay in the previously promised wiki overhaul back during the previous RPC site update. I have been working on it but ran into some snags. I sent a private message to our local wiki expert but that was 2 weeks ago and I've yet to hear back. If anyone else has extensive experience in Media Wiki coding, feel free to speak up and we can try to get the ball moving. The wiki is one of the last big site updates and I'd like to remove it from my to-do list ASAP.


The wiki look will likely change somewhat drastically. A new theme has been worked on that will provide a cleaner look and easier to navigate system. There are a couple glitches/issues that need worked out before I can proceed any further however. Due to my lack of expertise in wiki coding, I can't do too much myself for fear that I'll risk breaking the site like I temporarily did a couple weeks ago while updating to the latest version >.>.


Just wanted to give a status update and let you know that there are still plans to overhaul it. I'm just waiting to hear back from our wiki guy or find someone else who has equal experience who can help.

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Finally managed to fix all the database errors! Also fixed various dead links related to wiki tutorials.


Thus, the wiki overhaul is now underway. It should be complete within a few days or so. It will be announced in this forum section, along with the changes made.


A new look is being prepared, a new navigation system, a banner/logo, and more.

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