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[EU] elements (Inactive)


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[align=center]Posted up on all  the three cities at their Adventurers' Guilds:[/align]




Welcome to elements


Our society of adventurers, crafters, gatherers and all in-between, elements, is looking for new members to join our ranks. If you are honest, competent and favour collaboration with fellow members, contact a recruiter in your area[/align]



Popolink (Erika Duvette/Popocoi Poi), Gio Girogeo


RP Style:

Moderate (to Heavy)





RP theme:

A society of neighbourly, friendly adventurers, scholars, craftsmen and all those who have dealings with said sorts. The main context of the Linkshell is "chat channel" based pearls given out to help people keep in touch with others of similar schedules. All levels welcome! We only ask that you try to stay in character wherever possible, using the standard ((brackets)) to indicate a switch to ooc.



None official.


Application criteria/process:

We're seeking roleplayers comfortable with the english language whose playtimes' are close to GMT+0's evenings. It's the timeslot and not the location that matters. Characters of a Good/Neutral alignment only.


As a registered user on guildllaunch, you'll be able to fill a basic application on our website at ffxiv-elements.guildlaunch.com. Take notice that albeit we're fairly lenient, the application will still be carefully reviewed by officers. If your application is accepted, we'll arrange a meeting in-game to give you a pearl. Or if you're confident, skip the application process and charm your way in!


About us:

We continue our original founders' mission, Banedon Toran and Jinxsy Johydee, to fill up a gap in the FFXIV world in this second chapter of our linkshell. Our main goal is to bring interested european roleplayers under a timely active linkshell, as it's difficult to always adapt schedules to most other NA-based players and groups. We believe that it's in the company of others that our fun and rewards when leve-ing and hunting doubles. We believe also that it's with constant care and prodding that our characters can grow socially complex. We believe without doubt that it's with others that we can create a story.


Any character can find a reason to join Elements, whether to meet adventurers alike or to build contacts in crafting circles â the world's yours! Do you feel we might be right for you? Do you have any questions? Contact us!




1.) Respect.

Always treat all other shell members with the respect you would ask from them. Respect their individual plotlines and tendencies and do not attempt to force a plotline onto another member, or go out of your way to make their lives difficult. The same goes for âstealing the spotlightâ; if a conversation or event is going on over the link shell, be respectful and wait until it dies down before starting some major happenings of your own. While it is not always necessary players do appreciate an ooc whisper or tell to let them know where a particular RP plot is headed. We are all here to enjoy the game.


2.) Language.

Proper spelling and grammar are to be used at all times on the shell the use of âl33t sp33kâ or other internet slang/abbreviations is strictly prohibited. You are typing as your character's voice, you may know that LOL stands for Laugh out Loud but your character has never heard of it. Instead, the accepted way of portraying actions over a chat channel is to add the actions between *asterix* Eg; *giggle* or *cough* or *sneezes*


3.) God mode.

âGod Modeâ is highly frowned upon by any Role play communities and involves the act of making your character unnaturally strong or generally acting in a way that shows bad sportsmanship. Examples of God Mode would include; refusing to allow your character to be harmed in a fight and controlling the actions of other players.


4.) PG-13.

A loose PG-13 rating is to be maintained at all times on the shell, both in game and on the forums. Links to excessive profanities, nudity and other explicit content will be removed and the author repremanded. Erotic role play between characters should at all times remain between those characters in private conversation.


5.) IC/OOC (In-Character/Out-Of-Character).

Conversation on the linkshell is to be kept to In-Character (IC). When in a party with other members, or attending an event that has been designated as IC, the same rule applies with the exception of when instructions need to be given that canât be handled IC. Any OOC chat that is used must be in ((parentheses)).


6.) Metagaming.

This is an important rule to remember and is almost as frowned upon as God mode. Just because you know something from reading a forum or overhearing a conversation does not mean that your character knows this information. You may have read character A's journal on the forum and know that he/she is organising a surprise birthday party for character B. You should not tell character B about the party.


7.) The linkshell.

For Role-play purposes, the link shell is considered to be an audio advice, much like a phone. It is considered a magical device, however, rather than a technological creation. Actions cannot be transferred over the shell unless you are physically next to the person in question.


8.) NPCs.

You are free to create NPCs for your own use within the confines of the game such as your retainer. Existing NPCs, however, should be used sparingly and with respect to their in-game profession. NPCs that exist in-game cannot be killed.


9.) Game Lore.

All plotlines should be respectful of game lore and not contradict it. At this moment there are no vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, fae-folke in the world of FFXIV and such characters will not be allowed into the Linkshell. Characters cannot suddenly develop world changing technologies or claim to be immortal.


10.) Game mechanics vs RP mechanics.

Certain deviations from game mechanics are required for effective RP, but these should be limited where possible. We all know characters would be able to jump in Eorzea although game mechanics do not allow for such actions. Significant deviations are heavily discouraged, such as a character having wings or wearing heavy armor while running around in a cloth shirt.


11.) Complaints.

Any complaints about another member should be brought to one of the guild leaders. Where possible, a screen shot of the incident in question will greatly help us in resolving the issue. A screenshot isnât required⦠but makes our job a lot easier.


12.)This is a game!

Lastly and most importantly always remember this is a game and we are all here to have fun!




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I have received notification from two members and the leader that Elements is no longer active. This thread is locked and the ad on the Linkshells directory has been removed.


In the event that this shell (or any other shell) makes a comeback, a new thread can be created OR you may contact myself or a moderator to have the thread unlocked and cleaned up.

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