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Alothia Starkwood


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RL Name:

RL Age: 27

Country: United States

Timezone: EST

RL Gender: Female


--Why do you like to RP?

I think it just adds something to the game...plus it's an opportunity to meet new people. That, and I've always been interested in acting, etc, so it's just a natural extension to me.


Basic info


--Characters: Alothia Starkwood, Sariana Starkwood


--Current primary linkshell: Aes Sedai Tower...which is a casual social linkshell, but also has an RP side to it now too. Not all of my LS is into RP, but it's nice to know that some of them are willing to try it out with me.


RP Preferences:


--RP style (Casual, moderate, or heavy)? Casual to Moderate


--Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game? If so, preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc) Alothia wouldn't be the one fighting...she'd have someone else doing the fighting for her.



--Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss, comas, etc.)

I don't know about limb loss, as that would be hard to indicate visually...but a coma...maybe. Probably moreso for Sariana as she's my secondary character. I'm quite attached to Alothia.



--Under what circumstances, if any, would you allow your character to be killed off?

Again, I don't think I'd allow for Alothia to be killed off. The idea of having to start all over again from scratch gives me the willies.


--Are you willing to RP romance in game? How far are you willing to go?

Well, Alothia is married already, but has no problems flirting with others.


--What kind of non-romantic RP relationships are you seeking? (family ties, etc)

Currently, Alothia doesn't have any family other than Pathian (her husband), Sariana (her sister-in law), and Belisar (her husband's relative), so any direct family relations would be cool.


--How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray?

I like the lore of Eorzea, so I'd like to stick with it if I could. I mean, who's to say that there aren't ghosts, etc. that walk around? But more farfetched than that...I think not.


--Views on chat functions (IC vs OOC in /party, /linkshell, /say)?

/say should be IC, IMHO. I think it adds something to the world as well if all of our IC stuff is said where other people can hear/see it.

/party and /linkshell could go either way depending on the make-up of the group. If I'm partying with people from my LS, /ls is usually OOC stuff just because some of the people there don't RP. But whenever the ones that do RP get together, we keep it all in /say



--Will most of your RP be confined in a single linkshell or will you try to RP with as many as possible?

Alothia is social, so she likes to meet new people. I think that she'll stay in her one linkshell and probably won't join another, but she's totally up for mingling with people in other LSs. One of her biggest helpers into the world of Eorzea is Rynn Limley, and Alothia appreciates all the connections that Rynn has been introducing her to.


--How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread)

Probably PMs as this thread is likely to get buried, but this thread would be okay too.

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