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Hey everyone!

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Hey guys!


Since the servers are down I thought this would be a good chance to see what everyone was up to in RP.


It's been just over a year since the RPC was set in motion and we've all been through an interesting ride. Everything from the server vote, to the mass exodus that followed shortly after the game was released, the first issue of the Tonberry's Lantern, to the fashion show event a few weeks ago has been incredibly memorable experience.


We've all seem to have retreated into our various linkshells lately. Keeping up with whats going on across the server has been a bit of a challenge so here's what my characters have been up to...



Seraphine Winter: Seraphine has now established herself as a socialite and entrepreneur across the server. Honestly, all of this turned out better then I had hoped and I have a lot of awesome people from the RPC and my linkshell to thank for that.


She was always suppose to be a noble who appealed to the common person and understood their plight. However, I'm also starting to see that just because she cares about orphans and the average person doesn't mean she doesn't feel some respect for the fact she's noble. Recently she had a fall out with her best friend, Ravirr Shiga, because he did something that in her opinion could ruin her family name. I never actually expected her to care much about that >.>


Right now Seraphine is going to be focusing on her family and promoting Outer Heaven to the fullest. I've got a lot of fun missions planned for her to go on with the members of her company to help raise revenue and hopefully raise their image even more. On her own time, she's been studying goldsmithing and trying to improve her talents. Although she's usually pretty secretive about it, I'd love to have someone actually ask her about it. Since she's no longer on speaking terms with some of her best friends, I'm actually wondering where her private life will take her next.


Faith Winter: I never actually intended to make this character, but it seemed important the more Seraphine's story went on. As her younger sister, Faith is the reverse mirror image of herself. Every choice Seraphine makes, Faith makes the opposite. I always thought Seraphine was good and Faith was bad... but... I'm starting to learn through the characters that it's the subtle shades of gray that define them as people. Sometimes I almost feel like Faith is the nicer sister sometimes xD


Anyway, Faith is currently going through an emo period (she dyed her hair and changed her name) since Seraphine turned her back on her. She's currently living at a place of her own in Ul'dah and planning to start a series of fights at the Mirage. She'll be managing Ravirr's boxing career and if anyone else wants to start a rep as a fighter, I'm game! I wish there was /random in the game so we could have a RPC Fight Night Event ; ; I get sick of prancing all the time :P



Has anything unexpected or interesting happened with your character since you started FFXIV and what is your character up to now?

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This is a Great Idea!


Use this break to see Who's doing what. What bonds have broken etc.



Magnus was working his way into the Underground of Ul'dar, However disappeared into the desert after making a large donation to the Cold Full Moon Masquerade. He hasn't been seen sense.


That's my cop out for not being able to play.


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