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Identity - ((IC - Open)


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*Please note this takes place sometime after the thread Skin in the Game*


The glasses were new. She was getting used to them but they still were there....she felt them with each breath, each movement. She'd learn to live with them. She had to. Without them her sight was strained and she needed to see, needed her eyes....needed to know who her friends were and who her enemies were.


Since she'd stepped away from the Yellowjackets, a free citizen to do as she pleased, she, for the first time in her life, had no one to answer to. And Melodia was excited and yet terrified all at once. She'd promised to maintain close contact should she need to be called back, but she knew she needed space, distance from her poor performance as a law enforcement official. She'd even had her hair style altered, dyed, so she was a new woman.


With a drink of whiskey she stepped from the docks, tossing the bottle to a trash bin and headed back up to the upper decks, and the market. She was looking for a contact, though she wasn't sure who it was yet...only that it was a woman who would meet her just past the market, near the Arcanist Guild.

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