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Who is Ven Sondraix?

A'duhn Tia

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A few days ago I introduced myself as a role-player, but now it's time to introduce Ven.


Ven Sondraix. Male Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun. He is well aware of the oddity behind a miqo'te having such an Elezen-sounding name, but over the years he's begun to shrug off the confused stares. He didn't grow up in a tribe like most Seekers. His parents both were members of a small Mercenary group based in the Black Shroud. His mother passed in childbirth, and shortly after that his entire clan (as he calls his parent's band of miscreants) was killed off by the Twin Adders. Ven was much too young to remember this, and though he has been told the story many times, he feels little anger or injustice at their deaths. 


After this, he was found by a wealthy Elezen family - the Sondraix's -  who took him in a raised him. Not as one of their own, of course, but as a servant boy - and they wasted no time in giving him an Elezen name. Shortly after his 14th birthday, he began to show signs of a natural affinity for Conjuration and healing magicks. The Sondraix's, being eager to have their house attached to such a promising Conjurer, shipped him off to Gridania where he began his training. 


He holds no ill-will to them, however. In fact, he considers them to be very kind people, often saying, "They took me in when they didn't have to. They could've left me there in the Black Shroud to rot... but they didn't." It is for this reason that he adopted to keep his Elezen name, instead of choosing one more appropriate to his roots.


In general, he's very naive. He is 20, but often acts like a wide-eyed child. He is gay, however romantic relationships have never been a priority for him. He wanders Eorzea attempting to help as many people as he can. He stands at 5'4", and with his high energy personality, this makes him hard to keep track of!


After being deemed a White Mage, Ven traveled to Limsa Lominsa, where he began studying martial strategies in order to help him monitor the conditions of his battles and his party members more efficently. It was then that he discovered the Scholars of Ancient Nym. Of course, the chance to learn about more healing and mending magicks was to exciting to pass up and Ven promptly began his studies. Now Ven is considered to be a prominent healer amongst the Gridanian people, however he still feels he is lacking something. What that is, however, he is still unsure.  








And that is all I've come up with so far. Hope you guys enjoyed this small insight to who Ven is!

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