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Hello all!


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Well, I must say I have looked at the site quite a few times within a few months time, and since Balmung seemed to be the most popular server for RP, I have finally made myself an alt to try my hand at it.


I have been playing FF14 since Realm Reborn launch, and I have also played GW2 as well as WoW so I have been doing a bit of everything. Most of the roleplaying I have done has not been within the games though, but rather on forums and private messages. But I have been intrigued by the thought of adding more to the story experience with roleplaying.


Now for my alt, he is a Miqo'te Keeper on the short side, starting out as a Conjurer who has only just arrived in the Shroud. He is the tenth son of an unusually large family, so he has had a difficulty standing out all his life. I do not think he even likes to take charge, but he would want his effort be noticed. He might seem meek and subdued, but every now and then he'll walk off in a huff if he feels he was treated unfairly. Also..... He might crush on men a bit more easily. Strong women tend to intimidate him.


So I would definitely like to build his character with other people, definitely. But sometimes I need breaks from all the heavy inspirational thinking.


Also, I am from Finland, so if I write odd terms or have bouts of misspelling, that is one reason. ^__^; Oh, I also like music, art, poems, games..... I turned 26 last December. And I am unemployed. v   3 v

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Hello and welcome! I also played GW2 and WoW. Were you on Piken Square/Argent Dawn by any chance? Your character sounds interesting as well; would be nice to bump into him at some point. And don't worry, Inarah's rather meek and shy herself so she shouldn't intimidate him. :D

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