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More of a Return, than a Welcome


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Hey guys,


I dunno - some of you may remember me. Most probably not. I was the leader of the StormGuard before I pretty much disbanded and fell off the face of the earth due to IRL health issues. The issues are still ongoing, and I'm still experiencing a lot of pain, but I miss the game so much, I'm thinking of getting back into it casually - maybe joining another guild until I have my situation under control enough to lead one again.


I'm also looking at starting over with a new character. Possibly. Was hoping if you nice folks could provide me some feedback on the current game atmosphere. What job types have a power vacuum? Races? Backgrounds and histories?


Would love to hear from many of you - both old faces and new alike.


Thanks much for your help,

River (former player of Keir Loell)

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Nope, don't remember ya :P


Not sure what to really say about the game atmosphere. Probably won't know much about what classes dominate until they overhaul the battle system and introduce the mysterious "job system" they mentioned recently. Race-wise...miqo'te of course dominate still >.>.


Send me a tell in game when you get the chance. Glad to see you back and hope real life improves ASAP.

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