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Random Role Playing


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Well just look another new Likshell has spawned!


And it even recruits new members!


Here in Random Role Playing we are just a group of Players who like to Roleplay. We Roleplay everywhere and with everyone. There is no experience needed.


The Rules? Glad you asked!

We mostly talk about Roleplaying in this Linkshell, there is no actual Roleplaying happening in here. But you leave all your ooc and/or rl mess out of here. This is for serious questions about Roleplaying, asking for people to Roleplay, setting up events and from time to time also asking for help in-game. So stay friendly and polite and have fun Roleplaying.


You will be warned once should you not obey to the Rules. The second time you get kicked.


So I'm looking forward to lot's of fun with y'all.

PST Lithe Rhasha or send me a private message for an invite.

See ya around


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