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I've got a ton of nicknames that I've accumulated, but I guess you could call me by my main (Laylah) or Vi.  I'm 23 year old residing on the east coast of the US and I work full time at a pet store.  I also perform at Renaissance Faires in multiple singing groups, LARP (when I can haha!), aaaaand more can be found out I guess if ya chat with me!  


I've been rping since 2005, mostly forum based stuff though with recent-ish exploration into MMO's.  GW2 was my first MMO and where I first tried my hand at rping in this form.  Overall I had a fantastic experience, but due to life I had to sort of hard eject from it.  When FF14 came out, I played in the beta with my fiance and two of my roommates, and found a new MMO to love. I had to wait to actually PLAY the game because of life, though I joined Malboro once I did so you could say I'm new-ish to the game.  However, I miss rping.  I can't not design characters to be characters.  While I might not be knowledgeable in the lore, I still make them as best.  I did initially ask my roommates if there was much rping that happened, but they didn't really know anything.  Now I've come searching and here I am!  


I'm not really sure where to start since while I would love to do more in-depth rp, I don't have the time commitment to feel comfortable committing to that.  So I guess more light-rp.  Generally speaking I can get on everyday unless I'm away or wiped out from work haha.  


Soooo I rambled more than I meant to... Oopsie?  XP  Anywho, any suggestions, tips, etc are welcome and I look forward to meeting peoples!  ^_^

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