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GM Clarification on Casinos!


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Previously, people made comments here stating that the casino shouts in Mor Dhona are considered RMT or are against the ToS.


I made reference to this quote at the time.



Since this is certainly a concern that has been anticipated by the GMs, I can provide you some preliminary answers to your questions.


Abuse of the /random command to flood chat can be considered a spam violation and should be reported to a GM for investigation. This can be just spamming random repeatedly in public or making offers that incite the spamming of the random command from others. If you know that you don't want to see random results, a chat filter will be added under Character Configuration > General Tab > Log Filters > Announcements > Random Number Messages. While this can certainly help people who want to activate the filter, the fact that there is a filter for random results does not mean that spamming of the random command is ok because others could just block out spam if they didn't want to be bothered by it.


As for casinos, they are treated like trade agreements. This means that you should ensure clear rules are agreed upon in the game before engaging in this type of agreement, since the GMs can only enforce the terms of the agreement that was made in the game. So long as the agreement is upheld, the GMs should not need to get involved. If you do not feel that the agreement is upheld, you should report that to a GM for investigation for Fraud.


While pointed out in each paragraph, I will reiterate that suspected violations of the rules should be reported to a GM for investigation, and a GM will determine if there was a violation of the rules and take appropriate action based on the results of that investigation. I hope this helps to clear up the GM position on the new feature.


LGM Enkrateia


Today, someone on reddit thought they were putting an end to the casinos by use of comparing casinos to lotteries. I asked for clarification and received one within 2 hours in the official forums.




This concern was brought to my attention earlier today, and I can certainly see how this would be confusing. Having looked into the situation a bit deeper, I believe I can offer a bit of clarification about this. The main point of distinction that is relevant here is the difference between casinos (which cover a wide variety of games) and lotteries.


Casinos, while diverse, are ultimately trade agreements handled and resolved entirely within the game at the time of the agreement. When mentioning that it is handled entirely within the game, this covers all aspects of the exchange, including the use of the in game /random command. By remaining within the game, all the details of the exchange can be verified and held as equal for everyone.


Lotteries tend to have a larger scale, which necessitates external tracking and handling. When considering a large scale event like a lottery, consider that you cannot be sure that the agreement you are making with the other person is the same one that another person is making, and listing the rules on an external site means they could be changed without notice. Because this cannot be tracked or verified from the standpoint of a GM investigation, these types of exchanges are discouraged. While a small scale, immediate lottery type exchange could be possible, the large scale lotteries are a fraud concern that has us encouraging them not being advertised in the game.


I hope this helps explain things for you. I'll keep an eye on the thread in the event that I need to add additional clarifications.


LGM Enkrateia

Basically, large lotteries that take over a week and may use you to use things like 10k gil per ticket and an external site for RNG are what they do not want. As rules and /random can be tracked and verified, they can easily enforce the rules of the player casinos.


(Rolls 1-200 = no return, 777=4x payout 201-499 = return of gil, 500-776 = 2x payout, 778-999 = no return for example)

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