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Chocobo Breeding


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Can anyone please explain to me what I need to know here? Some guide on reddit wasn't exactly explained very clearly and possibly only confused me even more than I ought to be.


All I got was that...


The stats which your fledgling chocobo inherit will be from it's grandparents(i.e the parents on the chocobo you just bred).


It's possible that your fledgling chocobo will turn out worse than it's parents.


The only stats taken into account are base stats, so any feed enhancements will have zero impact on the fledgling and are therefore only there to help you succeed until you retire the affected chocobo.




Then there's a lot of stuff about G-9 or whatever.




Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do? I started over on my main after first racing on my hyur for some time but now she has almost reached rank 40 so I am expected to retire her soon.


Also, what happens with the names? I don't have the heart to actually imagine that I am retiring any chocobo so I'd like to keep a consistent name throughout... should I rename them right before retiring or will it even matter?



I'll occasionally update this post with some relevant and shorthand information but please refer to the post below for a more thorough explanation of the general process.



Racing names can be used over and over


In order to increase your Pedigree level, you must have your chocobo mate with a chocobo of the same pedigree or higher. High pedigree coverings cost more MGP and are most likely best avoided at the early stages.


When purchasing one-time covering permission slips from GS, you will not be able to preview the stats of your chocobo's would-be counterpart. You can only observe them after your purchase. Examples can be found below but negative and positive outcomes are both possible.


In light of this, do not retire your chocobo before purchasing a covering permission slip that you are satisfied with.


When you appear for the adoption of your fledgling six or more hours following handing your retired chocobo over, you will be offered premature results from Bentbranch. These are not the true results, though the final stats will be determined by either the male or female side for each stat displayed on this slip. For instance, if on the slip it shows four stars for the male side and two for female for the acceleration stat, then you could potentially get either four stars or two in your final result.


Alternatively, if you do not like your results. You can purchase another covering slip and reattempt the breeding. Keep in mind, however, that this will involve another stat gamble first at Gold Saucer and then again with the results, in addition to the 6+ hour waiting period.




Chocobo Covering References



Grade 3(as purchased):























Grade 3(Bentbranch Results):







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Get your chocobo to Rank-40 and retire.

Choose the breeder you wish to use and take both forms to the breeder in Bentbranch.

Pick up your fledgeling's registration at Bentbranch after 6 hours. (You will also receive the registration of your original chocobo back for future breeding attempts if you so desire. As you can see in the SS below, your starter chicken has a total of 10 breeding attempts in it.)

Register your fledgeling to view it's final stats.


Your naming question: Yes you will have to rename. But there is nothing stopping you from choosing the same name over and over again.


My own experience:

I'll use screenshots since It'll be easier to explain.




The one on the right is my original r-40 starter chocobo. The left is a one time breeder. The stats on the one time breeders are random, near as I can tell and they in theory get consistently better stars the higher the Grade rank.


Why did I choose a g3 and not higher? You'll probably see why below but the short answer is because the probability of starting with the starter chocobo's stats is still too high. And if I ended up with a complete dud then I'm not throwing out a lot of MGP for another breeding attempt at this low of a generation stage.


Now there are two phases where inheriting takes place. At the stage you take into account the Grandparent stat of both birds. These will condense down, as you'll see below.


For your starter chicken there will be NO variation since everything is 2 starred. It's why I wouldn't want to buy and raise a male starter registration from the vendor at Bentbranch to breed with Admiral Flamboyant. There would be little room for growth. Save from the bit of growth you get just for gaining Grade levels.


Where the male on the right only has room for growth EXCEPT in the stamina stat. Where I could potentially take a loss.


Now this was my Fledgeling's registration when I picked him up at Bentbranch:




As you can see: I inherited the father's ability(yay!) and colouration.

What I got from the father's pedigree:

Grandmother's maximum speed

Grandmother's acceleration

Grandfather's endurance

Grandmother's stamina (EEP! D: )

And cunning is the same for both grandparents so we don't know which was actually chosen.


When I turn in my registration the final outcome is decided.





So what did I actually gain? Apparently the stat maximums are tied not only to how many stars there are but also to the Grade. Even though I inherited most things from the mother and are listed as 2 stars, the stat maxes are now up 140 from 100.


My stamina is freaking huge. And as you can see you start with higher minimum values in stamina because it is max starred.


My weather preference changed. I don't know if that's random or inherited but Admiral Flamboyant liked fair weather conditions. I now have a second ability slot. The one inherited and the one I'll gain upon hitting rank 10.


All in all I think it was a worthwhile breeding attempt. It was a good experiment and while I only inherited ONE stat to be better, it's overall a better chicken because it -is- a higher Grade. I am no longer desert yellow And I got a kick ass ability that makes people yell profanity at me when I swipe their sprint shoes or stamina tokens before they can activate them. :thumbsup:



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Apologies for the bump! I removed my previous post because I realised I had made a mistake but I actually have another question now ;;;


Why would you use a Grade 3 or even Grade 2 with your initial chocobo when a Grade 1 would suffice? Does it leave potential for better stats at the risk of being worse? And if so, how did you know that Grade 3 was a reasonable choice(statistically)?

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I bought a G1. Before I thought to start taking SS so I can't show it to you unfortunately. But between the two grandparents there were three different one star stats.And a ability I didn't care for all that much. (the small frenzy resistance)


I don't know if it was just bad luck/a dud. But when I bought a second breeder pass I decided to jump a head a couple grades to see if the stats would be a bit better. And that's the one on the SS above.


EDIT: That said... this is my next G3 that I bought in anticipation for my second breeding:



Not much better at all from the G1 I bought. So... Certainly needs more data.

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I bought a G1. Before I thought to start taking SS so I can't show it to you unfortunately. But between the two grandparents there were three different one star stats.And a ability I didn't care for all that much. (the small frenzy resistance)


I don't know if it was just bad luck/a dud. But when I bought a second breeder pass I decided to jump a head a couple grades to see if the stats would be a bit better. And that's the one on the SS above.


So at this point my sample size is all of two. But it does support that the higher grades are consistently better. If someone can further elaborate on this, do chime in.


Ahh, I see. Thank you! I doubt I will have the same luck as you with Grade 3 but I will mimic your decision then.




Attempt #1



Attempt #2




Ahahah.... haha....hah ;;;;;

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Yeeey! I'm very happy with the results ^^  Third time's the charm(and just as well, or I'd have had to race a LOT more to attempt even for a Grade 1).


Premature results from Bentbranch







Final Results







I didn't get Choco Steal II, but I did get to avoid a pink chocobo! haha >w<




As a side note, can I ask anyone who may purchase Grade 1 and/or Grade 2 permissions to place screenshot it and post the results here(both the initial slip details and premature Bentbranch results)? It would help out a lot!

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So the formula for determining your chocobo's rating appears to be as follows:

(sum of stat MAXIMUMS) / 500 * (10+rank)


Which explains why rating appears to be unaffected by training whatsoever. Level up stat gains, meanwhile, still appear to be really quite random, with no clear pattern thus far.


So your rating can easily land you in a position where it is impossible for you to eke out a win, unless you pour gil and MGP into boosting your chocobo's stats. Hmmmm.

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