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  1. They are raising the minimum specs, so they probably won't even be supporting 512MB graphic cards (which, by the way, are nearly as old as the PS3 itself at this point). They did note that people should be upgrading to 64-bit hardware, so that's an interesting point and probably indicative of where things are going. Speaking of video memory, bandwidth is proooobably more important and relevant for FFXIV than simply having a lot of it. There's not a whole lot of reason to have 2GB of memory if the bandwidth is too low to saturate it all. Personally, I don't think it's unreasonable for the
  2. I find even a priority system is too simplistic for me. All you have to do is keep an internal hierarchy of what needs to be up and make sure it's up. Any periods of downtime just mean I restart my rotation from the beginning. There's not much thinking involved. My biggest issue with FFXIV's combat is that, even in the harder extreme/savage modes, it's generally about memorizing a script and playing out that script to the letter, and making sure that there are no weak links in your chain (i.e. no party members not playing their role optimally, or missing an important beat, or positioning
  3. Oh, just saw this post on the official forums. That last line is particularly disappointing, but also why, if we ever got a new race, I'd want one that occupies the niche in-between Miqo'te and Lalafell. Because, well, that's the closest thing we'd get to something I'd actually want to play that is also likely to be popular with the Japanese audience. Really annoys me that they're completely unwilling to consider anything that is aimed at non-Japanese audiences, but oh well, that's business for yas. That being said, I am still hoping they skip new races this time and,
  4. It feels far more physical in a way that's hard to describe. It's more like... the cool things you see people doing in cutscenes (especially the Stormblood trailer recently released)? You get to do that. The way the game puts an emphasis on manual blocking, dodging, and parrying, on high-speed movement, on heavy crowd-control effects, the incredible animation work... it all comes together to create a feeling of personal power that you just don't usually get in these types of games. It's the sort of thing usually reserved for dedicated character action games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear
  5. Well, I mean, at 256MB system and video you're practically guaranteed to go over-budget unless you take drastic measures to prevent that scenario (and, y'know, this is a modern MMORPG, so I'd bet the PS3 did so on a regular basis). Those measures are (thankfully) no longer necessary. Even integrated graphics these days have a much, much better memory budget even as they pull from system memory to do so. Operating on the assumption of gigabytes being available as opposed to a few hundred megabytes is obviously going to give them some more room to breathe. You would expect that, at least.
  6. I'm not expecting much. Some ability pruning, some fixes to the cross-class system (now "roles", I suppose), maybe a new mechanic or two... but nothing that fundamentally changes the combat (or fixes the issues I have with it right now, for that matter). I'm still sitting here wishing every game played like Blade & Soul. Heh. Wishful thinking, indeed. It's 'kay, I've made my peace with it already.
  7. Stuff like the ridiculous limitations on character creation are directly attributable to having to support the PS3 and its pathetic 512MB of RAM (technically 256MB system + 256MB video). Nowadays they can reasonably expect even low-end machines to have 4GB of RAM (plus whatever video memory's on the discrete cards). That alone makes a huge difference in what they can put into the game compared to when they had to support what is now ten-year-old hardware. I'm not expecting them to suddenly throw in encounters against a hundred enemies at once or anything, just to fix some of the glaring
  8. She was obviously a monk, and I'm kind of annoyed by everyone who insists that she's a dancer just because she has some vaguely dance-like motions in her kata. If dancer played anything like monk, it'd be a completely redundant and pointless class addition. That all sad, I enjoyed how over-the-top fantastical that little sparring session was. That's my kinda jam right there! Too bad the combat itself doesn't express that kind of physicality. Ah, perchance to dream...
  9. I'd want them to add new character creation options in lieu of another race as well, but considering the chances of them adding any body variety options this late in the game are pretty much nil, I'm not really that enthused over the idea. Still, now that they're dropping PS3 support they have no excuse for not separating horns from face types, and they really should give every race a muscle slider (yes, including Lalafell, for laughs). And, y'know what? I'd love a skin specularity/shininess slider like we have in Blade & Soul. I don't care if it doesn't make sense, having glowing sk
  10. Yessss. So much better. Now every 5 shots is guaranteed to be a proc. Beautiful. This is how it should have been in the first place.
  11. Me, I got: INTJ (possibly INFJ, INTP, or INFP due to how close the latter two are) Introvert(56%) iNtuitive(50%) Thinking(3%) Judging(6%) As it turns out, unsurprisingly I waffle a lot on the thinking vs feeling part. I have a definite preference for thinking and rational solutions to problems, but in practice I am a very emotional individual and tend to let that part get the better of me. Likewise with judging vs. perceiving, where I tend to be organized in my own mind but still, in practice, perform a lot of tasks with spontaneity. Introversion vs extraversion is a bit w
  12. I'm playing on the Japanese servers, which are far, FAR ahead of the SEA servers and don't have any IP block shenanigans to deal with (ironically, given how it funnels English-speaking players to the JP server). You can just go to Arks Layer for everything you need to play it. Note that the English patch is incomplete and probably always will be, but it's enough to play the game and most of the story content bar the very latest chapter. Ship 2 is absolutely chock-full of English players, to the point where you can sometimes forget that you're playing on a Japanese server. If you ha
  13. Do I play any other MMOs? Silly question. MMOs are about the only games I put substantial time into these days. Well, okay, not really. I also play stuff like Dark Souls, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and XCOM (XCOM 2 HYYYYPE!). But those just don't get nearly the same number of hours as the MMORPGs. I'm currently taking a break from FFXIV and waiting for Dragon's Dogma Online, the latter of which has basically become my most-hyped game of all time, pushing off Blade & Soul from the top of the list (yes, really). In the mean time, I've been spending time with Phantasy Star
  14. Hopefully they extend it to all emotes, period. Gender- and race-locking is so horribly stifling for character expression and differentiation. When PSO2 is doing better than you in this area, you know you done wrong!
  15. So I'm the only one massively into MMORPGs to the exclusion of most other genres, eh? Hah, just kidding, I'm not THAT into them. More of a coincidence than anything. My list includes: XCOM 2 - Self-explanatory. This game looks aces. SOOOO GOOOOD. Can't wait to customize my own battalion of freedom fighters. Dark Souls 3 - Unlike so many others, I have put in well over 400 hours into Dark Souls 2 and enjoyed... not all of it, but most of it, and I especially enjoyed the DLC which are a true return to form for the series. I have a feeling that the third entry is going to e
  16. I just have to remind folks that, for whatever reason, Square Enix still has yet to give us an actual subscriber count or even a new concurrent user record - and that, I suspect, is likely in large part because those numbers just aren't something to be particularly proud of. (That being said, I would at least expect the concurrent user record to have been broken during Heavensward's launch - but surely they would have told us by now if such a thing occurred?) Don't get me wrong - the game is definitely quality. But it's still a themepark MMORPG, and it's like to be prone to the same trial
  17. Uh, yes, I know. This isn't news to me. I've been around, you know. Doing it all over again in Heavensward just made it that much more obvious how staid the design actually is. I do enjoy getting my numbers up (hence why I parse myself and try to top the DPS charts even though I don't do progression content), but that's on the assumption that the content itself is actually enjoyable on some level. Sadly, the game's combat isn't enough on its own to carry the rather meager content, especially in the 4-man dungeons where the most difficult thing is trying not to tall asleep after the umpteen
  18. Hah! Forget Lalafells, how do you discern the age of any race? No one has wrinkles! Except for the REALLY old people, and those NPCs get faces that we don't have access to. That strapping young Miqo'te lass might actually be in her mid-50s and you just can't tell because Miqo'te don't bloody age. Ever. Still, I suppose that's a different issue than telling the difference between a pre-teen and adult Lalafell. With that absence of secondary sex characteristics or any of the other tell-tale signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging, facial proportions, etc.), it's just not possible for anyone
  19. Um, yeah, that's exactly how it worked in 2.0. The problem is that I've already done that. For months. I've run literally every dungeon in the entire game into the ground at this point. There's nothing interesting or fun about running the same bloody thing 6 times a week. At that point, it's become work and not play. I think they badly need to rethink their whole tomestone structure. Give some tomestones for doing, I don't know, literally anything so I have options instead of running the exact same two dungeons I've ALREADY run to complete death when I was gearing up with Law. (The
  20. You know, I tried to think of something, but I'm having serious trouble doing so. I mean, if I really, really love something, I'll find SOME avenue to RP it in. It won't necessarily be anything more than a quick one-shot, but I'll do it. I guess the one thing that I could say would be a long and involved storyline that involved heavy and fast developments with a concluding arc. That just ain't gonna happen. Too much planning involved, and RP is anything but conducive to planning (unless you have really good partners, that is - and I don't).
  21. I'm not sure exactly why I feel this way, but for whatever reason this patch is the one that's killed my interest. Warning: Senseless rant follows! Note: I am aware that most of my complaints here are nothing new and could be said about a lot of 2.x's patch content. But I expected better from Heavensward, and more of the same is all we got? Not feelin' it, man.
  22. Recurve Bows: Pros Greater power for a given bow size & weight Ideal for short bows, but can also be used on long bows for increased power (though not necessarily more power than a compound or composite bow) Cons [*]Requires more durable materials for a given bow size to prevent the bow from simply breaking under the strain [*]Can be noisier when drawn versus other bow forms, making it less useful for stealth [*]Particularly high recurves can make the bow unwieldy and unstable when strung
  23. Hah... Well, this is awkward. You seem to be confused. My criteria basically consists of a few simple things: 1. Boobless (or at least flatter than the current minimum size on the taller races) 2. Doesn't look like a popoto 3. Is cute (or has the option of being such) It's not complicated. The fact that I want to play a female character is completely incidental here. I don't need her to be visibly feminine or anything like that. I'm actually finding the fact that you focused on the "feminine" attribute when the only thing I said was that my character would be female to b
  24. Who said anything about voluptuousness or shapeliness? That's just weird, man. That's where your mind goes to when I say 'not popoto-bodied'? I just mean some semblance of anatomy, instead of looking like plain and featureless dolls. Somewhere between Lalafell and the other races, even (and few of them could be described as 'voluptuous' or 'shapely'). Selfishly, I only want this because it's probably my only hope of being able to play a female character that doesn't have boobs and isn't a potato. I'll grasp at any straws I can to make that happen.
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