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Archavalon (Disbanded)


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[align=center]Archavalon is primarily the arm of the noble house, House Mavanix. As such, it has a number of "factions" under its umbrella in which contribute to the house's wealth and resources. Archavalon employs a broad spectrum of employees and treats each like theyâre a member of the family itself, in large part because they essentially are. Avalonâs history spans back nearly 200 years, before even the founding of House Mavanix itself. It has transformed under each generation, starting as a small excavation team, turning into a mercenary company, being a magical based pillar under the Outer Heaven corporation, and much more. Now, under a new mysterious leader, it seems to be rebuilding itself from the ground up following the tragic loss of the previous leader. And each faction will be equally impacted from the restructure. Each faction has already been almost entirely assimilated under Archavalon where some used to mostly stand on their own.[/align]



Below is a list of the current factions.





Originally a fashion line sustained by the women of House Mavanix for nearly 200 years, Margarah has since greatly evolved. It was first founded under the name of the Sarah and Margarette Fashion Line, named after the two daughters of House Mavanix founder, Joachim. It changed its name later to "Margarah" under Katherine Mavanix's new direction, an exotic combination of its founders' names.


While it still keeps to its basic clothing line, it has also expanded beyond that to profit during the increasingly dangerous times. Instead of just creating cutting edge designs for the wealthy, Margarah now creates a massive range of clothing, armor, weapons, and jewelry. It even hires alchemists to create intoxicating perfumes. It has expanded into other venues, such as cosmetics, advertising, and more. Margarah is slowly becoming an economic powerhouse within Ul'dah and beyond. It acts as a primary source of income for Archavalon. Presently led by Nina and Kalara Mavanix, the sisters of recent Patriarch Cartius Mavanix, it is rumored that the new mystery Matriarch is pressuring the two to step down so that new blood can take the helm of power. An internal battle will no doubt begin brewing if such pressure continues to mount.


Employees include: Merchants, smiths, weavers, tanners, alchemists, fashion experts, advertisers, groomers, models, etc.


Possible sponsored events include, but are not limited to: Fashion shows, auctions, advertising events, personal grooming (haircuts, etc), repair gatherings, etc.



[glow=cyan]Mavanix Academy:[/glow]



Founded by former Patriarch, Darian Mavanix, the Mavanix Academy maintains a decent grasp on Eorzean scholars. In its original form, it focused mostly on the upper-class of Ul'dah. It has since gradually evolved into one of Eorzea's many academic giants, weakened only by the temporary crumbling of Avalon's other resources as well as the current Dean's mysterious conflict with the new Matriarch. It employs numerous scholars in a range of fields who teach, study, and even experiment in a diverse range of studies.


Under the new Matriarch, it has also taken new responsibilities of excavations and artifact studies. It will have oversight of the Avalon Heritage Museum upon its rebuilding. Originally, the museum was a separate entity that operated separately from the Academy. The Mavanix Academy, whose name is rumored to be changing in the foreseeable future, also delves into the study of magic in order to contribute to Archavalon's already massive knowledge base of spells. It is presently led by a rather strange Dean, Ivan Zabadar. It is rumored that he delves into rather gruesome and barbaric experiments and the new mystery Matriarch is supposedly pushing for his resignation.


Employees include: Scribes, teachers, administrative support, excavators, scientists, etc.


Possible sponsored events include, but are not limited to: Survey runs, excavations, presentations, experimentation prep, etc.



[glow=yellow]Avalon Templars:[/glow]



The physical might of Archavalon, the guard consists of those skilled in weaponry and magic alike who are ready to defend the group's resources at a moment's notice. They serve primarily as bodyguards to the group's Matriarch and other members but also defend their property (artifacts, etc) as well. In addition, the Templars control the House's means of transportation, including the Scarlet Siren (ferry), the Scarlet Seraph (airship), and the Scarlet Rook (chocobo carriage). Crew members of the Siren and Seraph are considered members of the Templars.


This is also the primary branch in which intelligence gathering is done on behalf of Avalon and thus, the Templars often work with GIN (the Goblin Information Network), a small tribe of goblins who are allied with Avalon. Vertigo was the leader of this faction but disappeared mysteriously following the sudden death of Patriarch Cartius Mavanix. As such, a new militaristic man by the name of Kiba Pargux serves as the head of this branch.


Employees include: Bodyguards, ferry crew members, airship crew, carriage drivers, informants, beastmen translators, etc.


Possible sponsored events include, but are not limited to: Physical/magical training, escort missions, expeditions, intelligence gathering, etc.



[glow=purple]The Keepers:[/glow]


No subgroup is more in tune with the internal workings of Archavalon than the "Keepers." This group consists of House Mavanix's chefs, maids/butlers, and all other employees who work more directly with the actual mansion, its upkeep, and the family's internal and external relations. Many of these staff members are privy to secrets that no other group may have knowledge of, such as the location of secret documents, secret passageways, and more. They also serve as the group's primary source of entertainment by hosting parties and hiring/training musicians, artists, etc.


This group is in charge of all internal and external relations concerns, often hosting gatherings of all sorts. The current head of this sector is House Mavanix's long-standing and loyal butler, Reeve. Rumors indicate that he is asking the new Matriarch for someone to take his place as head of the faction, though it's doubtful that he will cease serving the family entirely.


Employees include: Chefs, gardeners, maids/butlers, construction workers, chocobo stable handlers, musicians, actors, public relations, advisers, etc.


Possible sponsored events include, but are not limited to: Dinner parties, house gatherings, chocobo races, cook-offs, pest control, performances, etc.


Basic Information:



   Server: Besaid


   Leaders/contacts: Kylin Mavanix


   RP Style: Heavy (85%+ shell chat IC)


   Website/forum: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/avalon


   RP element: Noble house, its employees, and its allies.


   Headquarters: Presently the mansion ruins past Ul'dah's Thaumaturge Guild. A new headquarters is rumored to be in the creation process, though it is unclear where it is being built at this time.


   Application criteria/process: Invite only until shell goes "public."


   Rules: See website.


   Additional info: Archavalon prides itself in being a heavy RP shell and thus does not officially support or endorse a separate OOC shell. That said, members are still welcome to be a member of any other shell they wish, RP or otherwise. But we do not officially endorse any secondary OOC shell. Archavalon engages in everyday RP interactions, individual storytelling, large-scale storylines, and cross-shell interactions. We prefer to stay as true as possible to the world lore but we also strongly believe in a Rper's right to artistic expression and creativity. For example: If you wish to RP a demonic possession, you may get some eye rolls here and there due to its cliche nature, but we won't restrict you from doing so.


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Time for more teaser tidbits! Archavalon (or simply Avalon for short) will utilize an important faction system.


Archavalon, the strong arm of one of Ul'dah's many noble houses, House Mavanix, has numerous assets available to it. This includes the Margarah fashion line, the Mavanix Academy, the Avalon Heritage Museum, and more. More details will be revealed about these factions at a later time. Each faction serves Avalon/House Mavanix and its needs first and foremost. But they will each have something to offer to outsiders as well. Factions will each have their own mini-epic storylines that will play out within the shell via the faction members. In addition, each faction will be capable of hosting a plethora of unique linkshell and public events. IC articles regarding each of Avalon's factions will hopefully be coming in the very near future.


A second system Avalon may utilize is that of the Linkshell Standings system. This system will award other RP shells "points" based on their level and type of interactions with us ("interactions" include events in which we are invited to and/or events that we invite other shells to, gil contributions toward Avalon's rebuilding and/or future projects [gil donations will be used strictly for future public RP events], and so on). These points can later be used to "purchase" certain story-related things from Avalon. For instance, the Mavanix Academy faction will have dominion over the Avalon Heritage Museum. A RP shell may be interested in using their points to purchase an artifact from the museum to name one of many examples. This will in turn further enhance interactive RP shell stories. The purpose of this system is to help promote more community solidarity and cross-shell RP storylines, since many of us are not presently happy with the clique-like and isolated behavior that is growing within the RP community. However, this system may be scrapped early on depending on numerous factors. This particular system is currently not in use.

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Updated original post. Faction information now revealed! I was hoping to have pretty artwork to go with each faction but time isn't on our side. My potential artists are kind of dragging their feet in that regard >.>. We'll hopefully have some art to add later though. Also hoping to launch the site very soon and open the doors to applications!

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In the months to come, Archavalon will eventually be dissolved both IC and OOC. This was no easy decision but is necessary based on a number of circumstances. For one, the shell has not taken off in the way intended since its inception many months ago. And I have little motivation to hold fort until PS3 launch. Second, my own attention will be drawn elsewhere in the RP community and managing the shell will become impossible. Third, the storyline unfolding will essentially bring House Mavanix and Archavalon to its inevitable end, making the shell's existence a moot point.


However, the shell's disbandment will not occur right away. Starting in early-mid February, I will begin a large-scale storyline that will partially be open to the public. A total of four faction storylines will flow from each other up until the grand finale of the story. The first half of the storyline will be mostly accessible to shell members and non-members alike. The second half will become increasingly closed off to the public as it becomes increasingly dark and sinister in nature. By that time, should anyone wish to partake in the remainder of the story, they will have to have received an Avalon pearl (which again, will be dissolving entirely at the end of the story so the extra pearl won't be in your inventory for -too- long). There will be plenty of time to incorporate your character into all of this should you need the time to justify IC'ly joining.


This storyline will reveal the vast history and internal politics of one of Ul'dah's many noble houses and will last an estimated 3 or so months time, barring any unforeseen delays. The first of the four faction storylines will involve the Mavanix Academy. The first event will be a simple orientation of the academy, making an easy transition for your character to begin involvement if they're simply curious to see a prestigious academy with vast history. For believability reasons, Avalon members will have free access to the event. Non-members will be charged a fee (strictly IC of course). The event will be posted in the events section of the forums when ready. The remaining events to follow will be posted up in a similar manner. The goal will be to have one such story event once every week or two, depending on schedules. Anyone who I've Rped with extensively should already know that I'm generally pretty good at these kind of "epic" stories so I promise it'll be entertaining at the very least ;) . And of course, there will be numerous messages and morals laced throughout it all that can have a profound impact on character development.


Please note that these events will differ from the normal public events we see pop up. They are NOT socializing events (though the opportunity to briefly socialize will be present at times). They are story-driven and some of them will even be quite action-packed. Also note that even though there is an overall predetermined path that the story will follow, the end results are still largely open. For example, the fate of the Mavanix Academy will largely be up in the air and the actions taken by involved parties could determine who gains control over it after the fallout. In addition, a number of other possibilities exist should anyone wish to use the academy for their own character progression. The same applies to the Margarah faction and part of the Templars (such as the privately owned Scarlet Seraph airship to name one example). The opportunity to gain control of certain artifacts may also present itself throughout the story. Additionally, some of the content in game will be incorporated into some of the events, granting opportunities to complete certain content that some may otherwise have had difficulty completing. Overall, this storyline could be something to also help progress your own character in a myriad of ways, should you choose to partake.


Any questions or comments can be posted here. Those interested /may/ want to brush up a bit on the history of the noble house and Avalon. If you wish to do so, you may find detailed information on each era via the wiki. For ease of access, here's the link to the actual page. http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=House_Mavanix


Come 2.0, House Mavanix will mostly be a relic of the past as I move onto new ventures and horizons. If you have any desire to have the house incorporated into your character's overall story, now is the time to speak up.


Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to possibly Rping with many of you throughout this epic storyline! The end of one chapter simply means the beginning of another! Even though Archavalon is marching toward its inevitable end, the bonds we create from this point forward will carry on after the fact. I look forward to creating a memorable experience for us all during this 7th Umbral Era, as everything happening right now is merely a prelude to the awesomeness that will come in the years ahead.

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