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The Everwatch (Disbanded)

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The Everwatch

Basic Info



   Website: http://everwatch.enjin.com

   Server: Balmung

   RP Type: Heavy

   Leaders: Oskar Helvig, Eva Ianeira, Syesta Rajani

   Recruitment: Open, selective

   RP Element: Mercenary company working for the greater good of the realm

   Info Thread: Here



About Us: Everwatch is a heavy Role-Play Linkshell on the Besaid Server in FFXIV. We focus on deep character immersion with rich, compelling storytelling ranging from interpersonal daily interactions to long term grand-scale Linkshell story arcs. As players we value the gameâs lore and embellish it with creative content. Natural development of characters and Everwatch as a whole is an integral part of our Role-Play style.


We also don't forget about the greater Role-Play community on the server. Everwatch is always eager to create stories with other groups, or join already existing plotlines. Individual events, as well as the Linkshell storyline will at times open up and invite participation from others in the Role-Playing community. It's important for us to maintain a positive image among Role-Players and non Role-Players alike.


While we value character immersion and development first and foremost, we also strive to be a competitive Linkshell with regards to end game activities. As players we want to experience all the content the game has provided, including the high level activities. Our Role-Play often merges character development with game progression and specific goals of members.


A sense of community is very important to this Linkshell with each member contributing something to the group. We stress communication both In Character and Out Of Character so that we remain a tight-knit Linkshell despite expansion in membership. Our application process helps ensure that we gain members who have compatible styles of Role-Play and game-play habits. Personal friendships are important to us as players, they foster a greater sense of community and often give way to In Character interactions. We utilize Mumble voice server for casual communication, event planning, and end game activities.

   Timezone: EST

   Shell Restrictions: A member can have multiple linkshells. We ask that playtime coincide with IC occupations/responsibilities the character takes up. For example, if you can only play 5 hours a week, it wouldn't be recommended IC'ly to take the role of an Assault Coordinator. We have IC 'part time' positions within the LS so that even those who don't want to have Everwatch as their main Linkshell, or do not play often, can still be a part of our community.

   Roster Info: We had a disproportionate male/female ratio, favoring the later- however that seems to be normalizing, although we still have a few more female characters than male. We are missing Lalafell and Roegadyn within our ranks, however the other races seem to be well balanced (aka not /too/ many Miqo'te :P ). Always looking for characters that are willing to fight for our cause, and we do a good job of fitting anyone in to do that. Do not be discouraged if your character is a thief, for instance.

   OOC Sideshell: No OOC shell, we use forums/party chat/mumble for OOC talk, typically outside of RP instances. Since we RP /a lot/ the OOC is rare, and we keep it that way. Our members are encouraged to be a part of Intermission, the server-wide OOC shell for all RPers.

   Endgame: We have one IC event a week focusing on endgame, and then various OOC meetups but those are rare these days due to the amount of RP going on.

   Rules Summary: Link

   Application Process: Link

Contact Us: Leader contact information can be found here



IC Chronicle detailing Everwatch activities can be viewed here.

IC Reports detailing overviews of specific operations can be viewed here and here.


Everwatch in the news!

Riots Over Poison


OOC Monthly Summaries & Discussion can be found here




Most of our members keep regular (sometimes daily!) journals! To see those, click here.


We also have a few player-written stories that you can look at here.


Stop by and peruse out Linkshell Gallery while you're at it. Linky



Other info

Written by Crow, these are some bullet points that describe the Everwatch!


Do you enjoy punching goblins in the face? Do you get a thrill from helping your fellow man (and getting some gil along the way?) Does the idea of burning diremites to a crisp on a semi-regular basis make your heart race? Then The Everwatch  just might be for you! The Everwatch includes (but is not limited to!)




  • Copious amounts of female.
  • Inebriation
  • Copious amounts of female
  • Training provided!
  • Females
  • A player A real woman's man and gentleman for a leader.
  • Females
  • An ambiguously timid ~magic man~
  • Food
  • Frequent Forays into Forsaken Fortresses
  • Annoying Alliteration
  • Females!
  • Comeraderie

results may vary. side-effects of membership include disembowelment, loss of jugulars, severe head trauma, death by garlean forces, being crushed by primals, incineration, suffocation, mogdeathication, and coma and/or death by over-inebriation.

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The Everwatch is disbanded, shortly after hitting the one-year mark. I believe Oskar is taking an extended leave of absense from Final Fantasy XIV and the rest of us felt it best to move on. Thank you to everyone who RPed with us during the company's lifespan - whether as members, friends, or affiliates. I have so few bad memories of my time in the Watch, and so many good ones.


I will move this thread to the archives. No I won't. Apparently my moderator powers don't extend that far. But I've tagged the subject line, and Kylin please feel free to move it to Chronicles at your leisure.

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