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Need some helping hands.


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Need some people to play several roles for Zenge's next phase of his storyline.


I need about 5-12 volunteers or more (can't be over 20 since the cap of how many people you could see is ~35 in a zone). I have 5-?? normal roles and 2 main roles to fill.


If you want to volunteer, please sign up and I'll explain what roles you're going to play.

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I have several character slots available if you need any. My schedule is kind of wonky right now though but I can try my best to assist however you need.


You might have a bit of trouble finding up to 12 people though. Heck, I've got more than that for pre-debut Avalon members/prospective members and I'm still having scheduling issues getting just 6 of them at the debut event. So you may want to consider trying to find a way to make it work with less people if possible. Then again, you might get lucky >.>;. But I'd suggest making a backup plan that requires less participants.

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