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Starting Medical FC

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Hiya everyone!


I've been thinking about starting a 'clinic' of sorts for the adventurers of Eorzea. Providing RP Medical attention for the oh so many injured Adventurers, as well as offering 'Medical Merc' services for those needing a Healer for dungeons, raids, etc. Long term goal being our own 'clinic' housing as a go to for RP injuries.


Still haven't settled on a name yet, as I'm not sure how popular of an idea this will be, however if you find yourself interested I'll be needing healers, nurses, security, and a personal assistant of sorts. Keep in mind I am looking for partners in this endeavor, not just a bunch of Lalafell nurses, though that would be adorable.



The fantastic idea of starting a LS first sounds like a great idea, I'm still planning on making the FC, but based on the concept's popularity. Feel free to ask for an invite to the LS 'Eorzean Medic's'


If you're interested please message me or send me a tell in game for an invite xD.

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Due to the specific nature of your concept, might I recommend starting as a LS and seeing if enough interest grows out of that to become an FC? Medical clinics are always a fun aspect of rp, and I would enjoy getting involved in such a LS , should you decide to create one.

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Clinics are so good. @_@ I 100% support this idea and if a linkshell shows up I'd also be interested in sneaking in to that.


It'd be neat to have a clinic floating around that understaffed military infirmaries could go to, or maybe understocked too. Or say there was a big event where a bunch of people were being hurt, that would be fantastic. I'll bet if you did start something a bunch of people could get together and brainstorm/help raise funds like other FCs have done in the past to raise money. ( Which I'd also be willing to try to help do! ) Especially since it would benefit a lot of people, not just your FC and FC mates.

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