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Entry 13 - The Long Road To Ul’dah

Dwassyith Swanra


The journey to Vesper Bay had gone without troubles, and Norien had swallowed the capsules in the morning like a pill addict. Luckily they had been nicely lubricated and now rested comfortable within the confines of her stomach.

After one last panic attack of R’avi, the group headed out towards Ul’dah, shielded by the dark of the night. Walking through the swamps towards Horizon proved to be straining as big things stirred in the dark, hungry things with tentacles, that were only held back by the meagre light of the lamps. The group was joined by two of the Boulders men, a travelling Alchemist, and a hooded, yet unknown Au’ra, who huddled up at the gates to Horizon, joining the plead to the guards to let them in. The guards appeared rather annoyed with the panicking travellers and let them pass without further inspection, much to the disappointment of the hungry tentacled snail creatures.

Horizon was passed without further trouble, and the Boulders men had been scouting ahead only to find a group of bandits lurking in the dark. The poorly equipped and rather unskilled people were no match for the Adventurers and were swiftly taken care of. A close inspection of the bodies showed that the unfortunate folk seemed to had been suffering of some sort of disease that sprouted big unusual lumps and open scabs. The high alert of the guards at the last outpost before Ul’dah proved the suspicion that something was not quite right. The group was warned of an outbreak of illness within Ul’dah and advised to not venture any further. Seeing that Norien was not doing too well and most of the group was tired and anxious, the decision was made to camp outside of the settlement for the night and head for Ul’dah the following day.

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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