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Entry 15 - Blood On Sand

Dwassyith Swanra


In the following days, the Adventurers visited in turn the inns going under the names of Lynx Inn and Myrrh & Jade, choosing the latter as a steady place where to stay. Much was discussed with Eadgyd and her passionate need for revenge against the ‘Chimeras’ gang, with whom she had engaged in a violent fight, and lost.A few days of quiet planning followed, until the group opted to take action in the following way: a team would have taken out the Chimera’s patrol, while another team would have infiltrated their hideout by passing through the sewers.The coordinated attack saw the Adventurers successful, but at a high price of their health. Almost all members of the two team got severely affected by all manners of damage - bullets, dog bites, blades and beat-up bruises.

It took several days of recovery and just when the Adventurers got visited by the owner of Myrrh & Jade, in a deep status of distress;his daughter, Jadeline, had been kidnapped. He implored them to go look for her and so they did, venturing to the city market of Ul’dah which was the last place where she supposedly headed to. Describe how they found suspiciously acting merchants, feigning ignorance over their questions about where Jadeline could have been, until they heard conspicuous sounds from beyond a door. Xihsa’li barged into said door and the Second's ruffians attacked them all of a sudden. A battle ensued, but over hearing the ringing of the evening eleven bells, the enemy scattered all over the place. Behind the door, the Adventurers found Jadeline beaten up into a box.

They came back with the unconscious girl to the Inn, only to find out that the Inn had been completely pillaged and destroyed on its inside. The cellar, which was normally the off-limits area for anybody but the Rootless’ core, had been invaded and barged in.Blood on the floor, with a tuft of grey hair belonging to Myrrhantan, the owner’s Inn. A note was left along with it, giving a location of where the old man was, and the condition to have him back was exchanging him for Rhell.

In Dwassyith’s views, that meant only one thing: war.


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