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Entry 22 - How Far Do We Go For Coin

Dwassyith Swanra


After a few days of hiding in the countryside near Moraby the group was approached by no other than good old stoic Friendly. He came with yet another message from Nicky the Cripple. This time it was an offering of peace. Though Dwassyith suspected something fishy about this, he was soon persuaded by the fact that Nicky had taken a former member of their group as hostage. Xihsa’li, who had parted ways with the Adventurers a few weeks ago, had somehow managed to get himself captured by Nicky. To everyone’s surprise he was found unharmed and dining with Nicky as if nothing had happened. Whilst the Cripple had everyone’s attention he made them a proposal to work under him for a while. After the initial shock died down and negotiations between Nicky and Dwassyith, it was agreed that they would accept Nicky‘s proposal and wait for further instructions or summons. Back at their accommodation the wary group had some internal arguments. Both Xihsa’li‘s sudden appearance and the pledge to Nicky were cause enough to stirr the fire.

After a few days of settling back into a cheap accommodation in Moraby. The group was summoned by no other than Friendly to go and meet Nicky for their first assignment. Unlike their previous jobs this one proved a little more tricky and morally complex. For the sum of an initial 10,000 gil plus 15.000 each, two innocent people would die. The reasons for such violence remained unspoken. All that seemed to count was the swift and unquestioned execution of their task. This moral quarrel had several members drop out from the task. Both V’shiria and K’arhn left the others to their task. Those that stayed managed to fullfill the requirements just fine. A bloodbath later they found themselves significantly more wealthy. How far would they go for coin? Just about to hell and back perhaps.

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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