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Entry 23 - The Lizard, the Snake and the Rock

Dwassyith Swanra


After recent assignments, the group split up for a brief while. Dwassyith, Rhell and R’avi headed for Ul’dah to collect what was missing from their pay of Miamoli’s task. During the meeting Miamoli made Dwassyith and Rhell an ominious proposal, asking them to bring R’avi to her in exchange for a large sum of gil. According to her, she planned to have the ginger work in her establishment. The offer was politely taken into consideration, though both Rhell and Dwassyith seemed to have their suspicion and reseveration about this. This feeling grew only worse when they found themselves followed by a number of Hyur after their meeting with Miamoli. They managed to shake them off, but fled Ul’dah the next day with a very bad feeling. 

Meanwhile, the assignments by Nicky kept coming steadily, as the group had proven competent enough in taking out a rival, Nicky deemed them worthy enough to carry out the simple task of motivating his dock workers to resume their work. 

They had been refusing to work out of fear for a few days, and business was being affected. Seeing no problem with a simple task like that, the group set out to have a little chat with the fearful workers. It seemed to go well up until the point where one of the workers exploded. This explosion was not figurartively either, the man actually exploded, leaving his bloody mass all over the docks and mostly Dwassyith and Kisha. The cause of this unexpected action had been a caster, accompanied by a group of thugs, who had been sent to the docks with a message from Vincent Aurora. The man was set to challenge Nicky for his territory. This insult to their employer ensued in a fight between the group and Vincent’s men, it left the dock in chaos and forced the group to flee the bloody and suspicious scene. 

The next few days were spent trying to come up with a way of breaking the news to Nicky without having Friendly break every bone in their body.(edited)

Eventually, they all made peace with the thought of maybe having to flee Limsa and never come back. Lucky for them Nicky still found them useful and promised more work in the future. 

Their next meeting with Nicky was joined by no other than the Boulder, who was set on finding out more  regarding the groups time in Ul’dah. When his interrogation did not uncover anything, the group was sent to do their next task.


[Written by R'avi Tia]


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