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Entry 4 - The Daily Grind

Dwassyith Swanra


Throughout the past week the Adventurers have settled into a busy daily routine of work, rest and play. Earning their keep took up most of their days,  notable events were the missing and finding of Zumi, who was thought to be dead but turned out to have survived being half frozen and battered out in the wilderness. The group was further introduced to Norien, a quiet and seemingly shy Miqo’te female;  Granis, another Hyur who seemed to be just as quiet and gloomy as Vadim; and finally Simeon, the only Elezen who deemed them worthy enough to converse. While the Adventurers planned their next move, their squabbles amongst themselves had reached their peak by the end of the second week in Dragonhead, initialized by the unexpected arrival of yet another Miqo’te. A’ura Tia, an old acquaintance from La Noscea had managed to track them down and despite this treachery was allowed to stay. The need to get a move on to new locations had now become more pressing than ever and plans were swiftly set in motion to hit the road within the coming suns. 

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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