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Entry 5 - New Prospects

Dwassyith Swanra


With the help and connections of Simeon the Elezen, the Adventurers have managed to secure a contract that would, upon successful completion, secure them passage into Ishgard. A rampaging band of Ixali, not far from the Dragonhead settlement needed elimination. With the help of A’ura, Simeon had scouted them out the day before the actual mission, which resulted in the Miqo’te getting badly torn up and departing for warmer climates the next day. The rest of the Adventurers took on the warmongering Birdbeasts just a day later and with the joined efforts of Simeon, Dwassyith, Vadim, Norien, Zumi and R’avi, they managed to wipe out near the entire Ixali clan without any casualties and just a few wounded on their side. While they healed, the hefty reward for their task was to be collected in two suns time and the prospect of travelling on and leaving the drudgy settlement behind them left most of the group with gleeful anticipation. 

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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