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Entry 6 - An unfortunate roll of the dice

Dwassyith Swanra


After healing up from the Ixali battle, the Adventurers decided it was time to move on to the next settlement. Their last week in the camp had gone by rather turbulent and had seen Zumi leave on Dwassiyth’s request and Dorbei Kha vanish out of sight without a word. Nevertheless, these events did not put too big a dent in the overall mood.

One early morning the group gathered to travel to Camp Dragonhead, both to collect the remainder of the reward for their Ixali slaying spree and to get a much needed change of scenery. Carrying their belongings on their back they made their way out of the camp, it seemed a good day to travel and they hoped to reach their destination in the late afternoon. However, fate rolled unfortunate dice for them and their journey got intercepted not by beasts but the forces of nature itself. Masses of snow had loosened from the mountain slope. The faint rumble of an avalanche in motion was the only warning the Adventurers received before they found themselves buried under a mass of white. Their torment lasted roughly an hour, each buried with their own thoughts and fears until Knights of House Fortemps were fortunately in place to aid with digging out the poor unfortunate souls. The rest of that dreadful day was spent resting at their new destination and getting their heads around their unbelievable luck.

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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