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Entry 37 - First comes Promises, then the Lies. Last comes Gunfire.

Dwassyith Swanra


The concrete sign that the collaboration between the Red Hibiscus and Kallius sat badly on someone's stomach arrived soon enough: one night, the Red Hibiscus got sieged all of a sudden by unknown numerous troops of goons. Destruction and slaughter followed in a battle that involved the entirety of the building, between the armed violent invaders and the residents posing a strenuous resistance. In the conflict, Gaubert lost his life by the hand of the flamboyant grunts leader Glavant, and Kebbe got shot, causing her to go bed-ridden once more.
Once the onslaught met its end and the Hibiscus got successfully defended, a surviving lackey got interrogated to understand who was behind the daring attack. It turned out that Miamoli had striked an alliance with Glavant, the Elezen gunslinger who got away with death through a timely exit.

Immense outrage led the Black Hand to pack up for an immediate trip to Thanalan. Dwassyith's goal was to cut off the wealth-making joints belonging to Miamoli, so to choke her profits routes. Forces divided into several groups, as the Hibiscus residents took care of a speakeasy hub and a drugs-making laboratory. The retaliating attacks were successful, if not for the fact that on Maya's side, some witnesses managed to survive during the mass-slaughter that she caused - much to everybody's surprise. The reverberating echo of the mini genocide would have undoubtedly spread like an oil stain thorough all corners of Thanalan in the following days.
Most of the drugs manifacturing materials had been sent back to Limsa, so that the Black Hand might have reproduced them in their own labs and thus, claiming the monopoly of the Sapphire and Cherry narcotics.

Only a night passed, before an informant reached the Black Hand contingent that was hiding and resting in the Invisible City. Miamoli and Glavant had been spotted leaving Ul'dah, rumours had that they intended to take an airship together and leave the nation for good.
Without wasting a minute longer, everybody moved out in a rushed chasing of the two hated enemies. They were found moving together on a vertical platform clinging to a mountain side, which worked as an airship landing. 
In perfect Glavant-style, the treacherous Elezen left behind Miamoli and his guards to fight against the vengenful group and once more got away, through a swift departure on the airship. The arduous conflict between the tiny Au Ra's forces and the Black Hand saw injuries to be distributed on both sides, ending eventually with the capture of the notorious head of the Hounds gang.

Two days were spent travelling back to Limsa Lominsa with their new living prize, whom however wasn't spared of numerous torments. 
The messenger of Captain Glass got informed that it was time to deliver the good news and arrange a new meeting with the leader of the Blackfog Clan.


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