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Entry 38 - Glass for Glass

Dwassyith Swanra


The meeting with Captain Glass was tense. Parties had met, and through a mutually respectful but ever-so-wary dialoge, an agreement was reached. Dwassyith asked for collaboration and peace, alongside a private island to be cleaned and conquered by Glass himself and his people. The price for such demands followed in clear terms: the Black Hand would have needed to supply the nefarious captain with huge cargos of glass alongsde batches of fertile women. 

Peace had finally been reached, but mantaining it would have been the real challenge. The Black Hand set off to strike deals with glass-makers from the sandy lands of Thanalan, even though Ul'dah and its' fervent Brass Blades were all but comfortable with the criminal Lominsan presence in their country. In fact, the underworld and upperworld began twisting and turning with seething rage and talks of revenge for the large-scale massacre that had happened several days prior the conclusive encounter between the coastline forces and those of the sea. 


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