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Entry 39 - From The Void

Dwassyith Swanra


In order to pay the debt with Estelle Robillard, the Rootless were sent as an expedition to Ala Mhigo to retrieve the armor of an ancient Ishgardian hero. It was rumoured to be located into the depths of an old temple, of which they had very little information. Upon entering, they noticed there was something off with the place; the atmosphere was oppressive, gloomy and there were dead animals scattered around the place. A feeling of dark desperation shrouded the expedition, as they ventured further inside. The trouble began when nearly everybody started hallucinating; the place had a way to awaken their deepest and most intimate fears. Some had bouts of violence towards their very companions, other felt the urge to suicide, others lost sight of what they truly wanted to do and shot wild fire with their weapons. A falling boulder detached from the ceiling and severed the bridge connection that linked the expedition between the deepest recesses of the temple with the outside world. 
As they ventured into the innermost chamber, it became blatant that the corruption came from a glowing red ruby stone, soon known as 'The Keystone'. It whispered and seduced everybody's mind into a cruel enthrallment. Xihsa'li was about to get it, but Kebbe did it first, and through an obscene show of power, the entity hidden inside the Keystone took over her body, speaking words of conquest in an unsettling, booming voice. 
The armor pieces were at last found and retrieved, but to the price of having Kebbe possessed by an unknown presence of unimaginable power and depravity.

Under Dwassyith's request, Kami refrained from taking her home back in Limsa Lominsa and, instead, sought shelter in Gridanian whereabouts. At the manor of her former tutor, an Elezen man by the name of Veanomort, the Voidsent-possessed presence of Kebbe turned the premises into a nightmareish place very quickly. Kami and Maya suffered the weight of constant mind-attacks, while the servants of the house showed the oddest behaviour with no shortage of wicked violence. The Voidsent was wrecking chaos into everybody's mind.
Kami requested assistance, and Dwassyith in Limsa Lominsa gave the order to collectively move out and head to the manor of affliction and misery in Gridania. 

Once arrived, they felt the same oppressive atmosphere as the harrowing day in the temple. They got welcomed by an exhausted Veanomort, whom gave them free entrance into his abode, under the agreement that Dwassyith and his collaborators would follow the Conjurers' instruction to the letter. Inside the manor, a man called Vallerin was at the head of said Conjurers' entourage. He suggested that Kebbe's newly arrived friends would establish a 'connection' with her by holding hands around her. This way, the bond would be strenghtened, increasing the chances of removing the vicious parasite.

Joining the room with the voidsent meant, once again, visions of nightmares. The malevolent entity entered the minds of Dwassyith and Khada, seducing them into suddenly assaulting Xihsa'li and robbing him of the ever so valuable Keystone, where the Voidsent came from. It wanted it back. Maya and Norien also had an almost cripplingly bad time, as the Voidsent toyed with their deepest fears and desires, twisting and turning them around as fictitious realities.
Then the demon decided to twist Vallerin's disciples limbs, making legs turn backward and blood splatter of the ground. It killed them all, but left Vallerin alive to witness the atrocity. 
Then, when it seemed like everything suddenly stopped and Kebbe felt 'free of the presence', it turned out that it had possessed Franisbel. She took the Keystone out of Xihsa'li's hands all of a sudden, Dwassyith attempted to stab her to stop her, but she felt nothing at all, and sent everybody flying against the walls. Then she took her prize and left.
Kebbe was finally free from the repugnant presence, but the group had lost another one in exchange, with no clue about where 'possessed Franisbel' went, and what the Voidsent's next step would be.


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