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Founded by five like minded individuals in early May 2016, Axiom is a roleplay-oriented free company designed around simply enjoying Final Fantasy XIV's rich lore, environments, and the roleplay it creates, placing its focus on fostering a relaxed and inclusive environment for roleplayers both new and old. Based in Ward 8, Plot 11 of the Lavender Beds, the Mog & Mug boarding house caters to adventuring folk from all walks of life, allowing them to acquire lodgings from which to stage new adventures and even seek potential employment in the company of like minded individuals.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventurer & Social


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  2. N'ihlus Tia

    Mog & Mug

    Screenshots of the Mog & Mug Boarding House. Lavender Beds, Ward 8, Plot 11
  3. N'ihlus Tia

    Company bunkroom

    From the album: Mog & Mug

  4. N'ihlus Tia

    Stage and mess

    From the album: Mog & Mug

  5. From the album: Mog & Mug

  6. From the album: Mog & Mug

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